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Richard Kerr
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Bulimia Help Method Feedback

I would love to have your feedback for the The Bulimia Help Recovery Program. Your feedback will help improve future generations of the program. Please note if you have already paid for the program you can get any updates for free.

What did you think of the program?,

Have you tried out the Mind Power Audio?,

Do you like it?, Dislike it?, Indifferent?

Have you started following the steps?

Does any part of it not make sense or could be better explained?

Did you like the inspirational interviews?

What parts did you like most?

What would you like more information on?

Has the program helped you much?

What parts did you dislike?

Whats your overal opinion of it?

Please let me know, your feedback is very important... thanks guys

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I would like a 25 minute

I would like a 25 minute guided eating audio and tracker card as I find that I have to eat longer than 15 minutes to feel satiety.

Richard Kerr
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Thanks heceos. Thats a good

Thanks heceos. Thats a good idea about Guided Eating. I'll try to implement this in future updates of the program. I also like the idea about the scale for the DIF scores. Thanks again.

jivepassion, in answer to your question I believe one of the main reasons people suffer from obesity is because as a society we are not taught to tune into or listen to our hunger as a clear signal as to when, how much and what we should eat. If we don't listen to our hunger then it is much more easy to eat when we are not hungry.

setmefreee, sorry about the spelling errors, I suffer from mild dyslexia and I am a terrible speller. The program has been proof read four times, but I guess a few errors slipped through. I'll try to fix them all for the next version. ( which will be in a few weeks)

dgiles1, I think it is good that you love food. Thats great. Eating food when you are hungry is very pleasurable. But you will find if you really start to tune in to these feelings as you become more full the food becomes less pleasurable. So the key is to listen to your hunger. Also you will notice a dramatic reduction in food obsession and food cravings once you mainten a regular structured eating plan.

Thanks aunt_jen for the nice feedback. I am really glad the site has helped you so much. Thank you for your kind words.

kellyn, I am honoured that the program has giving you hope that you can recover! I look forward to hearing your feedback throughout your recovery.

I would also like to thank everyone for the great feedback I have received so far. I must admit I was nervous about releasing the program as I had spent so long creating it and its so different from everything else out there, but the feedback has been amazing.

I must say I am surprised about the kind comments I have received about my "Irish Accent" in the mind power audio. I guess no one likes the sound of their own voice. lol!

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First of all, I would like to

First of all, I would like to say that I agree 100% with you when you say that "many bulimics...try desperately to reach a weight they managed for those few moments before it all went horribly wrong." I reached a low weight after making a major life change, and I felt like my life couldn't be better. Between a new start and a new body, I was on top of the world. When I lost the control I had over my diet is when I would say my eating disorder took over. Ironically I have gained 25 pounds since then.

I should say that I have not read the program in it's entirety, but I do have a question. If bulimics binge because they are restricting too much, how do people become obese? I hope I do not sound insensitive or condescending because that is not my intention, but many overweight people have been overweight since childhood and simply don't know how to diet. Is the reason for their overeating different than the reason of a bulimic? I am interested to know the biological or psychological link between these two [what I would consider] eating disorders.

I am looking forward to continuing this program.

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Hi Richard – You sound Irish

Hi Richard – You sound Irish – I’m Irish myself – Hope you Ali and the baby are well. Could you do out a 1 to 10 scale for each of the 3 DIF scores? – Like you did on the satiety scale? – I’m pretty much binary it’s either 0 or 10 and It’s difficult to judge progress if I relapse. Have to say though - I’ve had anorexia or bulimia (for 28 years) and have been mostly seriously underweight for all my adult life. I have tried it all - counselling, cbt, psychiatry, inpatient, out patient, ed unit, self help, psychiatric drugs, hypnosis - yada yada yada – practical useful steps like your method seems to be working for me. I just have to relearn how to eat – I’m not a mad moody bitch. Take care

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I love the Mind power Audio,

I love the Mind power Audio, i actually attended a hypnotherapy session and i feel i got more from your audio (love irish accents!) and i can listen to it any time which is great. I listened to it at work when i was on my own and tempted to binge and it really relaxed me.

I like the program as well. It is quite repeditive with the importance of structured eating but i think thats a good thing as the more i read it i feel like its getting more ingrained in my brain, but i still think structured eating doesnt remove the urge 100% and there are still times we have to fight the urge. I think fighting the urge and winning is a big confidence boost which is very necesary in recovery. Also, theres quite a few spelling mistakes which just makes it look a little unpolished, but not a big deal.

Overall i really like it , it sums up a lot of what i have discovered since joining this site and it's a straight to the point scientificly based approach to recovery which is just what we need.

Thanks Richard, I'm sure your program will help save many lives (mine included!)

Don't follow your dreams, chase them!

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I have just started reading

I have just started reading the book and haven't looked at or listened to anything else yet, but so far I am impressed with everything you have to say, and am looking forward to continuing. However, I do have a question for you. According to you, there are 3 types of binges, and I believe that and think I have experienced them, but I also feel like sometimes I binge just for the sheer pleasure of eating. I love food! I love the taste of food, the way it feels in my mouth, everything! So how can I control an urge to binge, if I'm binging just because I love to eat?
And by the way, thank you for the site and all of your work put into it!

Coach Jen
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Without this site, I probably

Without this site, I probably wouldn't have been recovered for a year & a half now. I was so low and felt like the only person who has ever had bulimia. The new features are just an even better way to have help in the journey of recovery. All I have to say about the whole site is 'thank you'. I have no complaints or suggestions for improvement, because it has helped save my life.

Richard Kerr
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Really glad you find the site

Really glad you find the site helpful. Thats what we are here for :D

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Keep in mind I just started.

Keep in mind I just started. So far some of the steps are looking pretty good, despite some frustrations and questions I have about them that aren't covered. I'm very interested in the three exercises (gratitude, etc.) and am going to try them.

Honestly, though, I've used the audio twice now and don't like it. I don't find it very relaxing and it feels just like way too much talking. I guess I wish he spoke slower, and broke it up frequently by leading deep breaths. This may be overboard and not the point--but perhaps a short guided visualization that creates some image of a non-ed self. Those are extra ideas, but regardless, maybe I had hoped it would be more relaxation, too,than just telling my subconsious/consious that I will do this.


Richard Kerr
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Hi Lisa, Thanks for your

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your feedback. I am currently working on an update to the Bulimia Help Method. If you have any questions about the Method you can send me a PM about them. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks

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I haven't been able to afford

I haven't been able to afford the Recovery program, But I'd still really like to, I'm thinking of asking my bf for it as a christmas present.. But I will say that I never started being able to recover until I found this site. And many a binge or purge was stopped thanks to people on here or just being able to express my feeling somewhere where people "get it"...

So for that, thanks... I'm now 2months recovered and it feels great, and I hope to one day soon be able to give feedback on the course... ;-)

Life is too short to not be happy

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Hi Richard, As for the site,

Hi Richard,

As for the site, I would like to let you know that I find the recovery tips extremely helpful.
As for the program, I'm really bad with computers and i have a mac - and with the two things combined I couldn't figure out how to download the audios (they open in my browser but I wasn't able to save the files). I know this is so lame, sorry!

Thanks, Anna

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Hi Richard, I have found this

Hi Richard,

I have found this site extremely helpful but the best thing about it is the support from other users. I have listened to the Audio (once) and although helpful, I dont think I will listen to it again (maybe I should!!)

It would be great if you could provide suggestions on how to deal with bloating and other side effects of recovery as this seems to be the most frequent topics.

Overall opinion: Fantastic, so thanks. I dont think you realise how much you have changed so many peoples lives.

Harry :)

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Wow. :) I couldn't decide

Wow. :) I couldn't decide if this would help me or if I needed a "tailored" plan, directly to me. I can't really afford the program right now, this month (thanks college), but I think I am going to buy it ASAP. I'm so tired of not really living... Thanks for all the time you put into it to help us and thanks for all of your comments! they helped me decide!

- Rach <3

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Hi Richard! I love this

Hi Richard!

I love this website! I currently am without a car and on Christmas break from school so I've had way too much free time on my hands. Im so glad I found this site, It has really helped me pass the time and is a wonderful addition to my recovery. I'm very interested in purchasing the recovery guide. Wasnt sure at first to be honest, but after reading all this positive feedback Im definitely going to get it.

You mentioned something about a newer version comming out in a couple of weeks. Any idea exactly when that will be available? Id perfer to wait for it than buy the old version. If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it. Look forward to adding an additional tool to my recovery tool box.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into creating this site. I have 5 months in recovery but find this site to be so helpful. You guys did a great thing and are helping so many people. I'm sure I'm not alone in my appreciation for you guys. Thanks!

Dont give up before the miracle happens!

Richard Kerr
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Thanks for all your great

Thanks for all your great comments. Just a quick note to let you know that everyone automatically gets upgraded to the new version of the program as soon as it is ready.

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Good to hear - I'm jaded and

Good to hear - I'm jaded and disheartened with health professionals making bucks out of my eating disorder.

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the program. I love the Mind Power Audio. I would like to hear some more inspirational audio interviews. I love audio content. I sure hope there are more of those in the works. Again, Thank You! The guided eating is also great, but I have to wait till I'm alone for that. I wish I could do it every time I have a meal. It really helps me to focus on my hunger and satiety signals. Being in touch with my body is foreign territory to me. Usually we're at war.

Richard Kerr
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Thanks for your feedback. The

Thanks for your feedback. The audio tracks have gone down a storm, so I will certainly be looking to add more in the near future.

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Thank you Richard for your

Thank you Richard for your hard work and compassion for the sufferer's of ED. Because of your website and my sheer desire to heal myself, i am now fully recovered from Bulimia. I did try to purchase your recovery method but had trouble with it. So, instead i took the information i had already researched on recovering and this website and was able to heal myself. One of the greatest gifts of becoming recovered is being able to help others that are struggling. I was so inspired by your website and this community, that i am in the process of building a website at a local level to help those that suffer from ED's. I hope to have the site launced by the end of this month. I also will be working with the ED director at UNC Chapel Hill, NC USA in the coming weeks to have their outpatients link to the website for support.

I wish you, Ally and your baby a very Happy New Year!

Feel Great in Your Skin

Richard Kerr
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Thats fantastic!

Thats fantastic! Congratulations on your recovery, Good luck with the new website! the more help and support out there the better.

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This is only day 2 of me

This is only day 2 of me starting the program but I do have a few suggestions.
1. There are many spelling/grammatical errors in the e-book. The content is wonderful, factual, evidence-based, and logical, but my anal-retentiveness gets side-tracked by the typos. Can this be fixed?
2. It would be helpful to have a chat room. I know there will be times when I'm feeling particularly vulnerable, weak, and in need of a support person STAT! I would love to know I can log on and find a friend to talk to.

I have not yet tried the audio tracks so I can't comment on those yet. I have read through the e-book and love it. I love the research, the facts, the logic. There is no arguing with recovery after reading it. It got me excited to start. I am hopeful this will work for me.

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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Just wanted to add to my

Just wanted to add to my previous post. I have tried the guided eating audio now and I like it. I was skeptical, but it works. I eat more slowly. I taste the food. I feel my satiety levels much more easily.

One more little request for the food diary entry. Can you make the list of times more inclusive? I sometimes eat at 2:15 or 5:30....

THANK YOU for this site and all the work you have put into it! It is life changing!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

Richard Kerr
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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback Britta. I like the food diary idea. I'll try to include that in the next update. The chat room idea has been mentioned a few times, I've been trying to find one that would work well with the site, but no joy yet ( mostly its a boring coding issue). I think it may be time I went looking again though.
Appreciate the feedback, thanks.

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Sorry to be a bother, but is

Sorry to be a bother, but is there some way to change the time zone in the food diary. When I enter my snacks at 10pm (mountain time) the date defaults to the next day.

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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Richard, I would have liked


I would have liked if the course dealt more with the emotional reasons people binge/purge in the first place and how to deal with:
- uncomfortable emotions that lead to binging
- unpleasant life situations that lead to binging

The course focuses mainly on binging that results from restricting, but not all binges are a result of this.


ddcitylife .
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i am brand new to this site

i am brand new to this site and
enjoying it a lot
its the first thing ive found that actually
instantly helps people with their ed
its hard to find help for this!
so i was glad to come across this site.
i have not bought the recovery plan yet but
am interested in it
im using the blogs and food diary but
just want some basic info on the recovery course
what it supplies and focuses on

i would appreciate any info i could get so i can
decide to purchase the course or not. as money is tight but
i really want to get it!

so far though the people on the site and basic tips provided r very helpful
so thankyou finally somewhere that is helpful, affordable and understanding of
this disorder! it gives me great motivation and drive for success ! thanks for the support!

xx never give up, the sky's the limit xx

freedom peace a...
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Hi RIchard, I am so thankful

Hi RIchard,

I am so thankful for finding your site, it has been an incredible help for me!!!!

I think that you should incorporate a binge busting button, perhaps in bright red, like a stop sign... Which, when the overwhelming binge feeling comes on, we can log on and easily press the "stop" button... and find lots of useful, step by step, information which will help divert a binge...

For example, it could be something like the recovery tips that are on the right hand side of the page.... Except, they could be statements which people reccommend work.. eg "get out of the house and go for a walk"... "Put the food down and phone your friend"... Something like that, so that in the moment of panic and muddy thoughts, there is something that is simple to follow and might allow people to remove themselves from the binge situation.. and then be able to think a little clearer in a few minutes, about something else to do.

Just a thought.

Thanks for everything. x

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Hi, Today, after several


Today, after several delays in recent months, I decided that I need and really want to change. Change thoughts and habits that haunt me and limit my life from the past 16 years.
I was always brave, ambitious and struggling in so many aspects of my life, so I really want to succeed at this stage but I confess... I`m very scared!

See u son :)

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I don't follow all of your

I don't follow all of your methods to the letter - but I have to say this approach has worked for me. My bulimia had become mostly habit as I had worked through other issues in therapy until therapy no longer worked (leaving me with a distaste for psychiatry – which pushes meds and an appreciation for psychotherapists who use talking and coping strategies). My most valued emotional supporter was my husband. I felt that I would never have a normal relationship around food. Initially when I tried your method I improved for a couple of months then had a relapse for a couple of months - Then everything seemed to click - The urge went - food became food and not some trigger to act insane. I don’t know if it was your book or some change in me but if you asked me last year if I would ever be free of bulimia – I’d say no. Yet hear I am 240+ days later and I feel great. I’m not buying binge food or pushing people away while I eat binge food. I’m sitting at the table with my husband and kids eating breakfast lunch and tea. Thanks.

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