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bulimic scenes from movies

im about to watch ''the snake.'' apparently its a comedy about a bulimic girl. i hope it doesnt trigger me. ive been doing so well. aside from lifetime and other made for tv movies directly dealing with eating disorders, here are some other movies with bulimic scenes:

superstar- evian eating a box of pringles
doom generation- teen girls in the bathroom at school
girl interupted- britney murpheys poor character
angus- the love interest has bulimia
zoolander- the reporter has bulimia
kingpin- he tells the girl to barf up her burger

i hope this doesnt trigger anyone. feel free to add more. also, i will let you know how ''the snake'' was!

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that was supposed to be under

that was supposed to be under blogs. ive been a member for a while now and im STILL learning to use the site!

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the snake xx

hey babes cheers for the post

you watched it? how was it hunny? I never heard of it??

hope you are doin good xxx

much love xx

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i meant 'nowhere' not 'doom

i meant 'nowhere' not 'doom generation'... same director. ummm it was about a scumbag guy who preys on vulnerable girls and tries to have sex with a recovering bulimic. margaret cho was in it. it could be taken very offensively or as a post-modern feminist statement. very hatable lead character. it had some funny parts in it but i felt kinda guilty after watching it.

also i remember these movies:
and freeway 2 confessions of a trick baby

and the episodes
-strangers with candy- gerri and the teacher become bulimic
-full house- dj starves herself and passes out at the gym
-beverly hills 90210- kelly starts b/p ing and they have another friend who abuses diet pills
-absolutely fabulous- has a lot of scenes
-days of our lives- sam becomes bulimic

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ahhh ok cheers was the film

ahhh ok cheers

was the film any good? would you recommend?

btw one of my fave films of all time is girl interrupted!! : /

days of our lives? whats that like? also, do any of the films you mention actually focus on ed's or do they just have certain scenes that feature them?


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today i was watching...

Today the princess' diaries was on TV. I was sitting with my cousin who just found out i was bulimic, watching it. The "popular" cheer leaders make fun of the main character for being bulimic (she is not though)...anyways my cousin started laughing at the joke on the screen and i turned bright red :(

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A couple of TV shows have

A couple of TV shows have dealt with bulimia

home and away (australian soap, Matilda becomes bulimic after breaking up with a boyfriend)

Hollyoaks (british soap, Hannah struggles with bulimia, before befriending someone who teaches her annorexic behaviours, competitive dieting, etc)

actually, those episodes of Hollyoaks brought me to tears. I remember watching them when I had just fallen into the b/p behaviours. I think its the first truer portrayal of an eating disorder, and the effects it has on the sufferer, as well as showing a variety of true reactions that those around them have when they learn about a loved ones ED.

With pain we can grow
Into who we want to be
And only when were beaten down
Can we find our identity

Catherine Liberty
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I remember those being really sad episodes!

They've brought up the Hannah eating disorder again as a main story line, I don't have tv anymore so I havent been watching it but I think it's great to get some more awareness out.

Your mention of home and away brought back some old memories, when I was really young a character called debbie in neighbours had bulimia and in Home and Away years ago Isla Fishers character suffered with anorexia I think. How Strange of me to have morbid obsessions with disordered eating so long before my bulimia even started to remember these things!

As for the scene in Bruno, I thought it was totally disgusting and didn't find it funny at all, but then I guess I'm just sensitive to the issue!x x

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The movie "strike" I recall a

The movie "strike"
I recall a scene with ipecac

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