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bully friend

i need to breath and calm down after a potential trigger is in my face. How do I calm down how do breath and learn to live again when some things are inevitable...
I will not let you win ED i have no idea how to deal with this right now but i'm going to find out. Can anyone tell me of how they beat triggers and calmed down without telling me the trigger they delt with

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i get out and exercise, write

i get out and exercise, write my diary, read and interact on here, or listen to my hypno/relax cd.

remember to breathe. give yourself time to think clearly. if at all possible just try to cut the trigger out ofyour life- easier said than done with some things though!

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thankyou it helped quite a

thankyou it helped quite a bit I went out for a walk and detacted myself from the situation...your a geneous

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