The calm.

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The calm.

Today was extremely peaceful.

I calmly completed reading for an essay that I had been struggling with for weeks. My body feels free of excess food that it doesn't need and so my mind simultaneously seems to have reached a sense of clarity. It honestly felt like I had taken something to release a contented kind of high...

I celebrated by taking myself out of the library for a beautiful walk at sunset. I always wonder to myself why I don't walk more often. It never fails to bring me some peace and perspective. Plus, it is far easier than going out for a hardcore run and probably much better for my mind/body.

Although I didn't get all the work done I had anticipated, I feel like today was a successful one for my mental well-being.

I must continue with a well structured day tomorrow, ensuring that I keep to a good breakfast and lunch to make my evening light and calm. An early night will be especially good too as tonight it has been a little bit late.

My mind feels like a slowly buzzing bee. Absolutely awesome after the grating chainsaw that has been giving me headaches in previous weeks!

Night all and big positive vibes for all those who need it. x

"Une fois que tu as réalisés que tu peux faire ce que tu veux, tu es libre! Tu peux voler."

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Sounds like a very successful

Sounds like a very successful day in the land of recovery. Good for you. What a gorgeous picture of you walking in the sunset. So much more peaceful than a fast paced run. I love running, in fact I did it today, but it is not something that gets me reflecting, or puts me in that calm state. It gives me energy and adrenaline! Some times, a bit more than I can handle! I would take a peaceful day like that for sure. Sounds lovely. Sounds rewarding.

You must continue on with SE. It is the only way. Some times I get complacent and think I have this mastered after a good day, but still SE comes with me for the next and the next. It is our medication for now. Keep it close.

Recovery can be a full time job if we are willing to go to any lengths. You need days like this where you can be present and calm, kind to your lovely self. It is not easy, so we must be easy on us.

Keep going. You are doing great. Thank you for the positive words of you taking action.



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