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Calorie consumption

Hi everyone

I just wanted some advice, I am struggling with how much calories I need to eat. I know it says 2000 a day but everyone comes in different sizes and I am short-154 so it says around 1800 for me. I am still binging though and I am scared to eat more. Does anyone feel this way and how much are they eating?

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What I've found is that it's

What I've found is that it's important to avoid weight loss sites that advise a radiculously low amount of calories.

I'd find a good counsellor that specializes in eating disorders and see what he/she recommends for a meal plan. It's hard to give a figure because I don't know if you are below your healthy weight and need to gain, or are looking to maintain a healthy weight.

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Hey! I know your fear on this

Hey! I know your fear on this one! I don't think it would be unreasonable to eat 1800 cals for you because you're little. But I would try to stick to that amount, or even not count calories. I found when I count calories I become obsessive with it. I deleted my calorie counter app from my phone and try to eat balanced meals (eg) 200g Salmon steak, veggies and about a palm size of sweet potato. I think if you keep counting cals your mood will be determined by the amount of calories you've eaten that day. And us bulimics are normally a competitive little bunch, so I know I would try to lessen my calories each day. Your body has had its intake messed around with so it needs consistent and adeqaute (~1800-2200) amounts of food every day so it can recovery and get used to being nourished. How long have you been in recovery for now?


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All I can say is, you will

All I can say is, you will not recover by counting calories. Recovery is about losing control of this area of our lives and gaining control of living. We have to let go, which may be the scariest thing for someone struggling with ED.

I suggest you don't look at calories at all during recovery, focus on creting normal and healthy eatinghabits, and the calorie consumption will even out.

Good Luck!

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Don't count Calories. Eat 3

Don't count Calories. Eat 3 Healthy meals and 2-3 snacks a day and I guarantee you will not gain weight.
As long as your choosing good, nutritious clean foods and don't eat overly processed sugary foods then you cant go wrong!
A bulimia free life equals a life without obsessing over Calories/points/carbs/fats etc all the time.
Eat good = Feel good

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I agree with the ladies here,

I agree with the ladies here, don't count calories! That is the goal of SE, for our bodies to get to that place where they know how much we need. If we are continually counting calories, I don't think we can lose the obsessive compulsive behavior that brought us here in the first place. Our bodies are wonderful machines and eating like Angel said 3 meals and 3-2 snacks, will not make us gain weight. Some days, you might NEED more, some days less, but that is fine. I really do think in the beginning we need to focus on just eating what is in front of us, and letting go of control and while our bodies RE-BALANCE, get back to that healthy place of not using food to numb, we will be able to listen to our bodies and know when we have had enough. The faster you FORGET what those stupid numbers are in food, the better your recovery will go. I know that prior to anorexia, I never counted calories, and my body managed to eat fine. It was in tune to a normal portion for me. Believe me, you will be amazed at how much your body can handle. I was saying to my husband today, " I feel like I eat like a man now, I eat almost the same as you." And he said it is the greatest gift to be able to see my eat and not obsess about it. To eat a normal portion, and not worry about what sides I have with it. Truly, if you want all that recovery has to offer, (yes it will be painful and hard, no one said this would be easy!) you need to give up that control and trust that YOU will be looked after! Give it up and surrender the things that you hold onto most. You will be more than okay. I promise. Much love and hope your recovery is going well. xo

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