Can you be "Cured" of an ED or do you have manage it for the rest of your life

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Can you be "Cured" of an ED or do you have manage it for the rest of your life

This is a general question.

I went to my doctor the other day, as I told him my bingeing was getting worse. He made a comment that an eating disorder was a re-current problem which could "flare up" at any time. He compared it to having asthma/ old injury. It needed to be managed rather than cured. I have tried everything to get rid of this ball and chain.

I feel a bit disheartened about this, as I read stories of full recovery and these really drive me. I want FULL RECOVERY!

I am not sure I have the energy to manage this forever. However then I feel that I should lower my expectations and not aim for 100% but as best as I can do?

What do you guys think?



Getting better bite by bite x x

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I dont know, But as with

I dont know,

But as with everything people have different opinions and beliefs. There are a lot of people who say that you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. And then there are the 'fully recovered' people. But are they realy at 0 risk of relaps???

I believe you can fully recover, especially form habits like binging and purging, but perhaps people may have certain habits that relate back to it like not eating a certain food or still exercising more then others, but thats not really a problem.

Your Doctor could of been told that bit of information from anyone and never suffered from an ED himself.

Try to listen to more more positive stories,, hang in there!


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You can't be 'Cured' because

You can't be 'Cured' because it isn't a disease. It is a disorder which yes you can recover from.
Excellent answer from Alex. It is definitely possible to stop the cycle of binging and purging. Thoughts around food, exercise, body image will never 100% dissappear. But that's just life. People without ED's have these flaring thoughts and go on diets etc all the time so yes you can recover and be normal in your thoughts like the majority of people out there.

And what do doctors really know anyway??! Haha

Have a bit more faith in yourself. Anything is possible.

Take care x

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I think everyone can be fully

I think everyone can be fully recovered. And y recovered i mean eating like a normal person, sometimes well, sometimes not so well. Maybe it's true that once recovered you are more succeptible to redevelop the habit, than someone who has never been bulimic.But i believe that's miniscule difference, and you won't even need to manage that when recovered. no more than a normal person needs to manage eating breakfast not to feel ravenous at lunchtime. On the other hand, after having come through this hell, you might be less prone to 'skinny' brainwashing that we have in media (thankfully, it's changing!), less desire to go on a diet hence less chance for a disorder to redevelop.

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Thank you all. What you have

Thank you all. What you have said is all true! The aim is to be out of the binge/ purge cycle!

I am trying, but I am even finding this part hard. We have to keep going!!!


Getting better bite by bite x x

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