Can you have surgery when you have an eating disorder?

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Can you have surgery when you have an eating disorder?

For many years now i've disliked my nose, it's not awful, but i really want a nose job. I've decided to do it and intend to tell the surgeon i have an eating disorder in the consultation, but was wondering if anyone knows if they'll let me go ahead with the surgery? I'm pretty underweight so im worried they wont let me. Of course this would be good motivation, but surely all these celebrities who have cosmetic surgery and are underweight wouldnt be allowed to if it was too dangerous? There's also my mentallity they could hold against me. My parents have said they dont think ill be able to have it untill i get better. Does anyone have any idea on this?

Catherine Liberty
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being underweight

I suppose the surgen will consider the risk of death under anesthetic, but you are right a lot of undweweight people still do have cosmetic surgery. I think you are making the right choice by telling them though, it would be silly to put yourself in more danger so well done on being sensible! :)

Do they do pyschological evaluations before surgery? I really don't know a lot about it other than a few studies I read while at Uni, ethically as long as your surgen believed that you understood having a nose job would not bring you any more happiness other than having a nose that you liked etc and as long as your blood pressure and associated things would not put you at risk I think they could let you go ahead.

But yes always best to be as open with these things as you can be, looking after yourself has to be the most important thing x x

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they probably would do

they probably would do surgery. it would partly depend on how underweight you are. if it was so thin that your body would be at risk from the anaesthetic then maybe not. also doctors should be careful, because people can then get obsessed and go back and have loads of surgery, but then if a nicer nose would help improve your self-esteem why not? and normally they don't stop people for this reason...

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I did have nose surgery. I

I did have nose surgery. I didn't tell my doctor for fear that he wouldn't do it. That surgery was a blessing in so many ways. I'd always been self concious of my nose. Doing that one thing made me feel so much better about myself. Also, as a bonus, I couldn't throw up because of the risk of ruining the surgery. This was the first time in years that I didn't get sick. It showed me that I could manage to eat and keep it and it gave me time to break the habit. For the first time in my life something (my nose recovery) was more important than b/p.

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