Can't believe it's taken 16 years of my life!!

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Can't believe it's taken 16 years of my life!!

Hi everyone. I'm new here as of today and am hoping I can find peace once and for all. I had been doing well for about three months when this darkness that is Bulimia struck again. Feel like I've been blindsided and so angry at myself for spiraling down this slippery slope again. It's exhausting. I am 46 and have been struggling with this for 16 years. I'm done, I want this gone from my life and want to finally move on. At times it feels I'll never be able to. I've tried counseling, treatment, equine therapy, but my bulimia never stays away long.

Anyway, just wanted to reach out and say hello.


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Hi! Welcome to this fabulous

Hi! Welcome to this fabulous site. There is luckily no shortage of support here, and plenty of blogs and forum things to read and get inspiration.

Sending hugs :-)

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Hi Kerri, Welcome! I'm

Hi Kerri,

Welcome! I'm new here to and the support and encouragement from everyone is amazing! I have been here about a week and already feel I have a little support family. I too have been struggling from Bulimia for 16 years, and its awful. Unlike you I haven't really tried anything else though, I don't have too much faith in therapy as a whole and don't have insurance coverage for it so I didn't want to waste my time and money. This is my very first attempt at recovery. I must say, the book and the program are really helpful and work! I have started structured eating and already my binging and the urges have reduced! Also, I find the mind power audio to be extremely helpful as well, so don't underestimate that little gem of a resource! I listen to it in the morning before getting out of bed. It helps me start the day off in the right mindset.

Sending warmth your way!


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Make sure you are never

Make sure you are never depriving or restricting as that's what will always bring you back to Bulimia. Let go of weight issues. Focus on health and strength and not body shape and size. You weren't always Bulimic as you started quite late. So you let a bad habit take over. Habits can be broken, You need to relearn how you used to view food before all this began. I agree with above. Read the book, listen to the audios and ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION and have TRUST in what the BHM has to offer. If you don't follow what they say will work then you will never recover.

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