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Celebrate Recovery

I am coming out of a relapse from bulimia, but cannot afford therapy or any sort of OP treatment at the moment.
I used to go to EDA and ANAD. I found both unhelpful. EDA seemed to just depress me more, and ANAD was so strict on what you could and could not say that I felt attacked at one point and left in tears.
However, I keep hearing about Celebrate Recovery. It is Christ-centered and I know they address several other issues besides eating disorders.
There are 2 groups less than 10 mins from my house. I was wondering if anyone here has tried them out? If so, what was your experience? Would you recommend it?

Thank you:)

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Girl, go. I would suggest

Girl, go. I would suggest whatever tools you can use to help you, an asset. I have been when I was living in another city, and I was not really in a good place, so I didn't find what I was looking for. My group was a women's group and didn't focus so much on the food part, so I didn't feel safe sharing. BUT, I think that now, I would like to re-attend when we move back home come August. I have heard a lot of wonderful inspiring stories from people who have found freedom and support there for their ED. I don't think it could hurt you! Why not try it out and see how you feel after. I love that it doesn't just use the word "higher power," but focuses on forgiveness and healing in Christ's name. That we all fall short, but He is the great divide to a free life.

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Coach Jen
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I agree with Larissa! Try

I agree with Larissa! Try everything you can to recover. I wish there had been a group like that near me when I was recovering.

If you don't like it, at least you got the experience of going. You may find it to be really helpful though! It sounds like a great opportunity.

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