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Miss H
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I agree with Catherine.

I agree with Catherine. There's no way of knowing. But there's definitely got to be more celebs that don't have ed's than those that do. I also don't want to sound big-headed but I think many people would say that I am "stunning, intelligent, successful and confident". I'm not ugly, I'm a healthy weight, I come across confident and I"m studying to be a doctor. But no one knows what is going on inside...

I feel sorry for those that do.( You forgot to add Mischa Barton- look at her weight fluctuations in the last 9 months!) But even those that do have access to all the support that they could possibly need. Inpatient treatments (which I want!) and didn't someone earlier mention that Paula Abdul has a nutritionist who lives with her. If I had someone with me 24hours a day then I wouldn't have an opportunity to binge. They also can get personal trainers to help them exercise and get the most fabulous bodies ever. It's not realistic for most people.

And another thing that pisses me off are people who were like 'I had an eating disorder but I'm better now' and they still look bloody skeletal. Maybe they do now eat more healthily, but they clearly still feel a need to be thin.

Also, has anyone on here told EVERYONE they know about it? I'm feeling slightly tempted after my third bad day in a row of just sending an email to everyone I know so I can't hide it anymore!

Catherine Liberty
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I've had that feeling

Where I just want to tell everyone, because then I feel like it would be easier. In reality though, I wouldnt want ever single person in my life to know, because for some, Im sure it would be all they could ever think of you know? However letting a few of the people who are closer to you in might not be such a bad idea. Having support from friends is so valuable, I very recently told one of my closest friends, although didnt really go into much detail, but hopefully we will talk about it again. I am sure that having a handful of understanding people know what you are going through could be really beneficial, but you would have to remember that often people really dont give us the response we were hoping for because they are so afraid, or confused or scared.

Yes I totally agree with you too, there must be more that don't have ed's but you right, we could just never know :) x x

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Apparantly Britney Spears was

Apparantly Britney Spears was every so often, when she was mega toned. Sharon Osbourne. Jade Goody

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Billie Piper used to eat

Billie Piper used to eat tissues to stop her feeling hungry

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deleted post

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Scarlet Bones
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It doesnt matter whether

It doesnt matter whether people want to list celebs or not.

The point is, bulimia and eating disorders in general has no boundaries and can affect anyone and at any time regardless of age, race, sex etc.

Just goes to show that celebs are under immense pressure too in their industries to maintain their 'perfect'looks and figures. They like us are trapped in this hellish world of e.d's. No single person is to blame and at least we all have the opportunity to join the real world, something they may never have.

♥ ♥ 'To be Perfect is to be Imperfect' ♥ ♥

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John Prescott

I am not really sure who he is, but I know he was from England and bulimic for 14 years.

"I'm halfway to happy now, and I always mistake it for progress."

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this is crazy

Elton John, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Kate winslet? Omg, Its hard to believe. I love Kate winslet and think she is so pretty with curves. I remember her coming on to Oprah or some show like that and saying she is happy where she is now, weight wise.
Monice from friends? That was kind of obvious..
This is crazy. It kind of makes sense now.. In a sad way...

"If you are going through hell, keep going till you find the exit"

" Keep moving forward. Purging is the disorder, Binging is your body fixing it. Structured eating is the medication"

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celebs with bullmia

The X of cinema bizarre had bulllmia he was in the hospital mfor a while
now he is on living his dreams in his new band Dreams not reality(Or DNR)

no my world isnt ending it is just hitting cataclystic disaster!

Miss H
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john prescott is a british

john prescott is a british politician. i admire him so much for being open about it. he's large, in his 40's, a man... you can imagine the jokes that were made about it! they made me so so so angry. :(

learning beauty
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Clebs and Culture

the thing about our society is, we know these people are bulimic, yet we still hold them up as examples of beauty. One of my cheerleader's mother's once said : "There's nothing wrong with anorexia, it's just what some girls have to do in order to be thin and pretty". She was a 5th grade teacher, married to a prominent bussiness man in our community and very active in the local Country Club Social scene.

I believe that Hollywood and the media often have that same mentatlity, one week US weekly tells us Britney Spears is a mess and a bulimic psycho, then she releases a comeback album and the articles are about "How to get back in shape like Britney".

Celebrity gossip has contributed deeply to my bulimia and even more to my thought process when I was "ana"- From Nicole richie and her pro-ana braclet, to thinspo pictures of renee zelweger and christina ricci.

As a high school teacher, cheerleading coach, fashion club advisor and someone who hopes to someday be a mother, I really want to change this element of our culture. My recovery goal is not just to get healthy myself, but to start making a positive influence on the collective cultural body image of the next generation!

-XXX Sabrina "Claiming Victory and recieving grace!"

Miss H
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I cannot believe that one of

I cannot believe that one of your cheerleader's mothers actually believes that...
it's completely ridiculous.
i definitely believe that the media has a huge part to play in my developing an eating disorder. and a part to play in maintaining it too... i'm so proud that you want to recover and then be a positive influence on others.
unfortunately it seems that only by having your life destroyed by an eating disorder, can a person realise that it's a really unhealthy and negative thing!

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Thats true Learning beauty//

Thats true Learning beauty// celebrities know that if they are underweight, the media applauds them for it, depending on the mag though. The other week there were pics of Megan Fox in a bikini and the caption went along the lines of she's too thin//another mag that same day was applauding her new beach body///what the frig, talk about mixed mssges. I heard that some celebs gain weight just to make headlines when they lose it again. Being a healthy weight is just not interesting in hollywood, It must be hard for celebs though not wanting to conform to the skinny way but at the same time knowing that u will get more work if yr thin.

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