Changes in binging?

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Changes in binging?

Hi, I have just joined the program three weeks ago and I am still binging (more or less once a day, but still on a daily basis). The thing is that I have realised that my binging is changing somehow. I mean, i still have that terrible urge of eating a particular food and let myself to eat anything after that, but when I actually binge my desire is not as strong as it used to be and neither my feelings of satiety (I feel like "full" more easily- not that ease though- but different from previously). I think the duration is also changing. I dont know what this really mean? Is this normal? Is there any of those who are more ahead with recovery felt something similar or you just managed to "stop" binging? Many thanks

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Hi Thanks for this post as it


Thanks for this post as it really helped me. I too am still b/p but it's changed too and less frequent. I'm more MINDFUL and present when I eat, I am more aware that it's not necessarily helping and can stop sometimes much earlier and the binges are less frequent and intense. For some lucky ones they just stop but hopefully for us we just get there slower. I try to think of the Tortoise and the Hare.

good luck


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Hello, I can so relate to


I can so relate to your experience! In my opinion is your body naturally getting tired of it and letting you know it’s time for some change. As irrational as it sounds I believe that it only gets easier when your body starts to lead you rather then the emotions. We have been bulimic for so many years (in my case 15) and driven mostly by our emotions rather than listening to our body. There comes a time when enough is enough and that’s how I knew I was ready to start recovery. I experienced the exact same thing for a couple months - reduced binging until I woke up one morning and felt terrified…literally!!! I was scared of dying and unlike the other times when I got those feelings I just refused to take any more chances with my own life. That same day I got online and searched for help. I’ve never had any treatments or inpatient care and therapy…Luckily I stumbled on this web site and signed up right away. That same day I stopped binging ….going on over a month today. Trust me I get the urge to binge but so far I’m sticking with SE. I just have to fight those urges so hard.
I believe that what you are experiencing is your body telling you are ready to stop the binge. And that is a good thing. I tried so many times to stop binging before but I never was ready with both my mind and my body. The mind's first step to self-awareness must be through the body…So let your body lead you and trust me you are very close to stop the binge….I wish you the best and good luck in your recovery!!!

Strive for Exellence but not Perfection!!!

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Thank your so much for your

Thank your so much for your comments and for making me feel as a sharing part of your experiences. I am crying now reading your answers. So much to think about it. Thank you my girls and please please keep going and please keep in touch. A big hug

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I went through this after I

I went through this after I was stuck in a terrible cycle, but I think it was just because I was so worn out from constant b/p. You do get to the point though when the urge becomes less, especially when you whole-heartedly want to pursue recovery because your desire to get better begins to overcome your desire to binge. Recently, I managed to just stop one day, 8 days ago (and counting!!) But this is the first time I've ever done this and I have been trying to recover for YEARS! Something just clicked 8 days ago and I'm hoping it will stay like that. Today was challenging, I was hit with an urge after a triggering conversation/situation at breakfast but unlike the past, I was able to talk myself down from it and continue normal eating.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

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Ok, nestor, I will believe in

Ok, nestor, I will believe in this is a stage, one more stage, to overcome. I,ll go through it, I can (I am saying this to myself). Understanding your words is giving me a wider prospective. Im so pleased to hear that you even managed through some potential triggers, this is another well done to yourself, good work!
Please, keep your hand close, I may need to hold it tight.

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