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chew and spit

So this is super gross but I have this really bad habit of chewing food and spitting it out. It way helps me not to binge, but I know it is clearly an unhealthy, eating disordered habit although it seems less bad than binging and purging. Anyone else deal with this and opinions on how to stop/cut down on it without majorly increasing b/p??

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I've tried it before. It was kind of messed up actually, I hadn't b/p'ed in over a week and I was in super withdrawal, so I thought I'd try chewing and spitting as a "less bad" form of self-indulgence. For whatever reason, I just didn't find it satisfying AT ALL, it's weird...I guess swallowing makes a lot of difference in terms of actually enjoying the food. Here are a couple approaches you could try that really help me...

1) Just think of how, whenever you b/p or chew/spit, you're WASTING money. This is a huge motivator for me, I just imagine myself during a really hard, busy day working at Starbucks, a really bitchy person complaining about their drink, my back and feet starting to hurt from standing at the espresso bar for hours on I really going to waste the money I made on food that will end up in the toilet instead of providing nutrition for my body? Or I think of my poor dad sitting there at his job that he doesn't enjoy anymore just so that my family can have a comfortable life, and how disappointed he would be to see me wasting money like that.

2) This is a more positive method, your food REALLY REALLY SLOWLY. Like, take tiny bites, suck on it, swish it around your mouth, chew it thoroughly (sometimes I get a little self-conscious if others are around when I'm doing this, because I can only imagine how funny my face looks, lol). It sounds so silly, but it really works. If you savor your food super slowly it'll seem like you're eating more, as opposed to scarfing it down, wanting more because suddenly it's gone, and ending up uncomfortably full twenty minutes later.

Hope some of this helps you...good luck sweetie =)

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haha this whole site revolves

haha this whole site revolves around something i think we can all agree is 'super gross' so dont be ashamed! but depending on how much/how often you cs it can be considered EDNOS. its definitely been a HUGE part of both my EDs and i wish i never discovered it! but though i dont want to promote either, to help cut down on bp i would say that if it really really really comes down to it to take the lesser of two evils.
it is a waste of food, its a waste of money, its a waste of time, its disordered, and its not normal but its a heck of a lot easier on your body than bp. so if its just a stepping stone in your road to recovery i would say be cautious, talk through it with a professional, but if its the only thing to hold you back from a real bp in the heat of the moment i would go for it instead....the real problem is trying to get to a place where you can steer clear of the whole fiasco. if only...
good luck :]

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I do this too ! Gross! I

I do this too ! Gross!
I think it is a bad habit
Probably disturbs saliva gland balance- probably extracts the soluable sugar from the chewed food.

In fact it is probably better to just eat rather than trick and disturb the digestive balance.


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I did this for a little

I did this for a little while. I have no advice as I don't know why I stopped one day but just know you aren't alone. x

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True. Agree totally

True. Agree totally

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I've done this , too...

I've done this , too... mostly when I prepare food for others.... I know I will be restricting myself and not allowing myself to have the meal they are enjoying, but I want to have just a taste, so I just chew and spit. I agree that there is something to the swallowing, and all, but I know from the times that I have done it, if I swallow even one bite, that leads to a full out b/p..... so while it is NOT ideal, I think if it keeps you from a full out b/p, it's the lesser of the two evils, like mentioned above!


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Ive done it before, thats how

Ive done it before, thats how i started before i got bulimia. I started with chewing and spitting, then one day thought ..eff it. And thats how i started. I know im recovering when I got back to chew and spitting, but after a while i found it not very satisfying, i still ingest a lot of calories from it (esp if u chew spit something like chocolate), and it makes u feel like you're still 'restricting'. So during my recovery now i tell myself i am going to aim to not C+S!

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