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Anyone had it? Not sure I need it but I received an email this morning to say that there was availability.

I'm settling into SE nicely now! Successfully resisted a binge urge last night whilst watching a movie. My new rule is that I do not eat whilst watching TV and I think it is going to break the strong association I have between TV and bingeing.

So I'm doing well and don't think I need coaching but I am open to all possibilities if I think they will help.


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Sorry, I realise that the

Sorry, I realise that the above was perhaps a bit of a cras question especially in view of the fact that the coaches are 'one of us' (albeit fully recovered for a while). I guess I just want to give myself the best chance of beating this as quickly as possible and I'll do whatever I need to do. But I didn't mean to be indiscrete or insensitive in asking about people's experience of coaching.

On a different note, my food is a bit slippery tonight. I went to my French class straight after work which is when I would usually come home and eat supper. It's always slightly tricky and I never plan it very well. Anyway I had an extra snack before class and a salad with a fair bit of cheese when I got home followed by a large mug of hot milk. That was supposed to be it.. However...I have been back and forth to my pick 'n mix box and it's threatening to escalate into another binge and I don't want that which is why I'm writing this..

Truthfully, I haven't eaten enough carbs today which may be one reason I'm feeling a bit bingey.. My lunch was just roast chicken and veggies. No carbs. And although the BHM ebook says veg and fruit are carbs, I know that I need complex carbs at every meal. I can't cheat myself anymore, it comes back to bite me in the form of a binge (or atleast increased urges). Even though I may have sufficient calories, without the complex carbs I am still restricting/in deprivation.

So, it's off to bed for me with no more pick 'n mix!!!!



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Can anyone see this post??

Can anyone see this post??


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I see it - I haven't tried

I see it - I haven't tried coaching and haven't heard anything from anyone who has. Good luck!

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Thanks Katz! I appreciate

Thanks Katz! I appreciate your reply. I also find your posts very encouraging and inspiring. X


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I haven't tried it either and

I haven't tried it either and was tempted as after listening to the Irish lady who recovered after years. She was very impressed with the coaching. My only problem is that I haven't told anyone about my bulimia so find it hard 'sneaking' the mooney out of my account. It would be good if I could pay in instalments. Good luck if you give it a go. I think I need it as I have been struggling with this for 25 years.

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Oops. I meant to say the lady

Oops. I meant to say the lady who had struggled with it for 43 years

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Thanks so much mygirls..I've

Thanks so much mygirls..I've decided that actually I can probably find all the support I need on the site. I'm still fairly new and it would probably help me find some buddies to work on a more personal level with. I think I have all the answers I need, it's just about finding the support and accountability to just do it!

Good luck to you, it must be hard trying to recover in secret. I know I kept my ED secret for so many years and I would still NEVER tell my work colleagues but I am so open with friends and family now. It's a relief but sometimes feels claustrophobic and I had to learn to have boundaries as well so that I could have privacy..


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I haven't had coaching on the

I haven't had coaching on the site. It does seem like a good idea to involve another person in the recovery process. Sometimes others can give us a perspective we just can't yet see. I have had therapy several times in my life. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. The only way we can really know is to try and see.
Good fortune whatever you decide. We can do this!
Love, Bryan

Bryan Wagner

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I considered coaching, but

I considered coaching, but the reason I didn't was that - and this is no way a criticism of the coaches - neither of the coaches have actually been in my situation, trying to recover with a young family, a business to run and everything else that makes up my life. Some of the most basic points in the e-book simply aren't possible in my life - e.g. getting more sleep, taking time out for myself, etc. So I have had to work out my own plan and not judge myself too harshly when I don't keep up with people who are in a different situation to me and who seem to be recovering more quickly.
I am constantly searching for a total recovery story of somebody in my situation. In the meantime, I am in the process of writing my own... ;-)

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Hi Lotah....I hear you! And

Hi Lotah....I hear you! And your reasoning makes sense...

I've decided that the truth is that I really don't need it, I just need to get a bit more committed to SE and maybe find a recovery buddy to be accountable to..know what I mean?

How is it going with everything? Well, I hope.

And thanks too for your thoughts, Bryan! I have been in therapy of some form or another for 17 years....!!! Most of it very frustrating but even with the not-so-great therapists, I learned a lot...I remember one psychiatrist who I worked for for over 8 years saying to me that the only thing wrong with me was that I thought there was something wrong with me! I couldn't believe him until I read the book 'Brain over Binge' which I was lead to through the BHM. Learning about the neurophysiological aspect has really taken the 'what is wrong with me?' out of this struggle. Having said that, I do think the 'it's only a habit' theory does not capture the full picture either but it is helpful to conceive of it in that way.

THe main reason I have come full circle to answering my own question about coaching is that I just cannot be arsed to tell my story to another person!!! I'm so bored of my tale of woe! I want a new story and that is what I need to work on. Besides I just need practical support which I can get from you guys.



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It is also very expensive:

It is also very expensive: more than the recommended amounts by the national regulatory bodies in the country in which this program originates. It would need a better justification to warrant my choosing to pay to be coached online. That said, it may work fir some.

Richard Kerr
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Hi Jack, Thats really

Hi Jack,

Thats really interesting. Can you please let me know where you seen that resource? I'd love to check that out. I've worked hard to keep the coaching costs as low as realistically possible. But if I am missing something please let me know! ;)




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Thanks Jack...I didn't

Thanks Jack...I didn't realise that. I think we do a pretty good job of coaching each other actually ;-)

Glad to see you still on here despite the public blog debacle...I'm think I should change my photo, it's my actual cat who is well known by my circle of friends.


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Hi Goode, Spending money on

Hi Goode,
Spending money on COACHING was a big issue for me. I needed that cash for binge food. I wasnt working and it meant i had to tell my husband about bulimia and in the next breath ask for financial support
. Anyway I wondered how on earth typing
to someone who didn't know me or my circumstances could help. I had the website after all. I was on it day and night - too tired to go out - to busy binging and. Purging. Going aroUnd in circles using some one else's relapse as an excuse to bp. Or some one's recovery
for that matter......

How could a coach half my age , without any children help me recover from bulimia-IMPOSSIBLE !!!

My health was poor,my energy low and. I knew death was around the corner I wasn't going to meet my unborn grandchildren
Or celebrate my 50th birthday or ever be one of those free people who walked past my window ignorant to my profound suffering.

Then I met Coach Catherine. 23rd feb 2012. She didn't know my circumstances or my personal life story straight up (she did get to know me very well). BUT SHE KNOWS BULIMIA INSIDE OUT!!! SHE KNOWS HOW TO RECOVER. The bulimic mind could twist me round it's little finger and I was too entrenched to see its ploys. Catherine helped me clear the fog and drop the excuse, become stubbornly positive, and determined to recover. She taught. Me simple practical techniques which were always appropriate to what I was going through and because shE knows bulimia and its games she was always one step ahead. Not once did she judge or criticise me even when I told her about my relapses. She supported me and pointed to the next step.

Coaching got me out of a deeply entrenched cycle . I have a great relationship with food. I will celebrate my 50th birthday on st Patrick's day free to enjoy family , friends , love , presents, champagne and delicious food ,fun and laughter.
Coaching was worth every cent and more for the life I now have. XXXXX


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Pat mary - Like xxx

Pat mary - Like xxx


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Hi Goode When I started on

Hi Goode

When I started on here recently I began really well, way better than I could have ever expected and then about the second week in there was an email to me about coaching. I had it all in in my mind that I could do this..i could relate to this site I would follow it to the letter and then came the coaching email and then I thought oh no... If I think I can do this alone, without help (how I usually do things) I could not possibly do this properly.
So I wrote to Catherine I think... Asking if I had to use the coaching. Richard wrote back but didn't quite answer my question.. Anyway I tried it on my own to see how it goes. So far so good and as you said we really coach each other .
I have nothing against the coaching....
IN FACT It will be my next step if this doesn't work out but I am confident this time, :even with relapses that may happen jn the future (easy to say when it hasn't happened yet)
And from what I can gather many people have recovered without the coaching......
Again I think it is a valuable tool .
Sorry if this is all over the place and there is spelling phones are not that smart
Bernie x


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