College and bulimia

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College and bulimia

Anyone else struggling like crazy with relapsing since going to Uni? This is the worst the bulimia has ever been :(

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I hear you!!!! moving out,

I hear you!!!! moving out, not being with the family.. having all those triggers.. being ABLE to purge OR BINGE without suspicion .. yea.. i know.. its sucks so bad, but its also what made me realize i need the help.. i got ot college (its my 1st year) and moved out and .. it spirallled so bad.. i spent my days purging and smoking and i had no one to yell at me or no one to hold me accountable .. it was great.. but it does take its tole and i bet you feel as if your stuck.. i did and do still.. i'm no where near being unmessed up from this damn thing.. but i know you need to surround yourself with people 24-7 or else the monster will come back.. it will and it will grip you hard.. just be with people all the time if you can..

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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i can totally relate to you

i can totally relate to you adiajolie. before uni i was almost fully recovered, i am now at uni, and things have spirralled out of control. somtimes i barely eat, i smoke, then like today something snaps and i will binge and purge. i feel so lost and helpless.

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Hey love i dont have a fb and

Hey love i dont have a fb and i'm on this all the time.. lol so feel free to e-mail me on this.
i think its the whole.. being out of the watchful eye of the family.. you dont have to hide it so much and with classes its SOO much easier to spiral into our E.D.s ya know..? but we just got so say enough is enough.. and seek the help.. seek the support, because thats all thats ging to keep us here. so trive for it with everything you have..and with smoking..yea its bad for us.. but.. if it helps. do it. you can always quit later.. i dont recommend stoping both .. its hell.. tryed it.. cant do it.. so i wont.. my plans are to rid of the ed then work on my smoking

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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uni is the WORST thing. i

uni is the WORST thing. i developed bulimia. got quite a lot better when i finished uni and started working. then what did i decide to do... yes. go back to uni. and it all started up again.
the lack of structured time and accountability makes it really difficult... but it's still worth trying to get better and make your life as structured as you can. plan your whole day. i.e 9am wake up, go to library, do work. have proper lunch at 12.30 or whatever. etc. etc... it makes things easier for me.

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