Is comfort food ever okay?

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Is comfort food ever okay?

I'm a little confused at the moment. I had a rough morning (someone hit my car as I was backing out of my garage). After work I was starting to get hungry so I stopped at the drive thru because damn it I wanted a burger and fries. I wanted comfort food. I was tired a little hungry and seeing my bumper and the hassle it's going to be to fix made me cranky. I ate quickly but it didn't turn into a binge and I'm comfortably full, not stuffed.
But I feel guilty. I know I'm supposed to not give in to "emotional eating" yet I also know its normal for people without eating disorders/food issues to go to food for comfort from time to time. I'm not sure if I feel guilty because diet mentality tells me what I ate was bad and making me fat or if I feel guilty because I engaged in behavior I'm supposed to be stopping. Or if I feel guilty just because I think I should feel guilty even though there's no real reason to feel guilty and what I really need to do is get my head out of my ass. It's been months since I've had an emotional urge to binge. My binges have been down to once or twice a month for awhile and are mostly do to being overly tired. And as I mentioned before this wasn't a binge just a meal (albeit greasy).
Anyone else have this figured out?
Anyone who feels recovered still engage in comfort food from time to time?

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Regardless of wether you have

Regardless of wether you have an Eating Disorder or not of course its ok to indulge in comfort food every now and then. You are human afterall! Its part of life experience! You didn't binge or even overeat. You just treated yourself to a bit of comfort to ease off your traumatic day a bit. Don't be so harsh on yourself and stop the over thinking!

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Thank you! I needed that.

Thank you! I needed that. Even though my behaviors have vastly improved my thoughts still spin crazy sometimes. I guess after 20+ years of screwy thinking it takes awhile longer to retrain my brain.

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I found I can have a comfort

I found I can have a comfort food as long as I plan it and plan the portions. It has to be a small portion for me or else it's NOT safe. If it's like a chicken pie or something like that I will eat part of it and either put the rest in a container for later or if I don't trust myself, give it to my dogs. I am really really careful not to eat comfort food out of impulse as i wlll most certainly throw it up.

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