Complete addicted and unable to stop

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Complete addicted and unable to stop

No matter what I do, I remain completely obsessed and preoccupied with food, especially sweets. My work office is full of baked goods and candy everyday and people keep bringing more and more. I can't stand the thought of them sitting there in the open and I feel compelled to get rid of them all. I sneak them and steal the entirety just so that I can have them to myself and feel like they are out of the way. I so wish I could have a single piece of something and feel satisfied, forget it and move on with my day. I sit there fidgety and antsy until I get my fix. No amount of self-talk, distraction, etc etc helps. I'm at my wit's end. I am not a positive thinker, a structured eater, a journaler, a good therapy candidate...the list is endless. I truly believe I am a hopeless case. Has anyone found some kind of alternative to every suggestion given?

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Hey there. Ok I am going to

Hey there. Ok I am going to send you a private message about this. and I will absolutely be support for you - i'm guessing we are in the same state.

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Hi there, I'm a nurse and

Hi there, I'm a nurse and patients and families do love to treat their caregivers with food! I feel like I can't get away from it and all my coworkers feel compelled to try and force feed it to me if I try and decline.
I've found that confessing to being on a food plan you can not sway from which is for your health- not necessarily going into detail of an eating disorder, so it could be for my heart, for reducing cholesterol, whatever they imagine it to be for, but being for my health, they can not make me eat it.
Saying something like this out loud means people know you shouldn't have it and if they see you then have it, they might scold you for it is bad for your health. It's kind of helpful to me that it's in the open like that making it more difficult for me to give in to the urges of wanting to eat it and knowing I might not be able to stop at just one biscuit, sweet or whatever it might be.
Whether then you decide to secretly steal the food away is up to you. You know you can't eat it in front of your coworkers because you've told them you shouldn't. To relieve that antsy feeling and agitation, keep your drawer or pockets/handbag etc, full of good healthy snacks, such as dried apple or apricots, which are sweet enough to help dispell the sugar cravings, but a healthy replacement for the hand to mouth action we can not stop so easily.

I don't know if you can do this where you work, but it has helped me, even through Chinese New Year, where they all had a big spread of food. Yes, I would have loved to try it all, but inside me I knew I'd regret it and feel fat and horrible, so I politely and nervously declined saying I needed to stick to my eating plan or it affects my mental health! I kind of laughed at the same time, but thankfully they didn't ask me anything about it, kindly gave me a fortune cookie for when I felt better and it was all ok. I didn't have to tell them much and it worked out for me that night. Every shift is a battle though and I work with different people, some who aren't very understand of a mental health issue and think I should just get on with things, not realising that's what I've tried and failed to do for over twenty years!

Try to formulate a plan of action for yourself at work when these things are offered or available. Knowing you have a package of healthy goodies as an alternative might help and provide you with some comfort for the anxious feelings we get when surrounded by food.


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