Concentration difficulties

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Concentration difficulties

I have always a problem with concentrating. I think it might have been something that came with bulimia because I remember drawing and reading days non stop when I was a child. Now it affects me a lot in the way that I can't perform until it is absolutely necessary and pace around doing nothing constructive but worry and wasting my days until that time arrives. I wish I could find the ability to focus. Usually I just think about food...and recently when I don't obsess about food I still keep thinking about other things..mostly my inability to get down to work. Anyone have the same problem?

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I can definately say that I have problems concentrating that are directly due to bulimia symptoms. Apparently when your electrolytes are imbalanced it affects your thinking (cloudy memory and 'grumpiness') as well as difficulty with memory and focus. I had a shocking day at work last monday (I can hardly remember the entire day and was sooo forgetful- had to apologise to my supervisor the next day). It was like I was just 'not with it'.

Also- eating disorders tend to take over your thinking so that food and eating tends to take up a lot of your mind. This doesn't help with procrastinating. Unfortunately I guess this makes you feel guilty if you aren't getting things done, and you can b/p because of that, or else you may b/p as a time filler because you have 'so much to do you don't know where to start'. This is one of my triggers for sure with the bulimia at the moment. I get overwhelmed with everything I have to do, so instead of starting on one small thing I will go to the cupboard and pick at food to take away the anxiety of deciding what to do.

I find that lists of very small tasks can be helpful (seriously write down SMALL tasks) and just pick one. I find for me it tends to be a snowball effect and helps with the procrastinating so at least I get something done instead of absolutely nothing. It's tough though...!

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