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I'm really struggeling with constipation! My tummy just does not want to work! I'm a recovering bulimic/anorexic, but don't do the purging thing...just exercise!!!
I'm currently drinking a herbal laxitive (blackforest) and just want to know what to do to just go normally, without taking anything? What does my body want me to do?

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I am the same

Hey, I have the same problem as you... Laxatives don't even work for me any more though. They just bloat me up really bad! I can often go a week without binging and it takes the week for my bloating and puffiness to go down but I am either constipated or the complete opposite. I know that the more lax you use the more ur body becomes dependant on them. It's like ur imitating a natural bodily function so ur body doesn't have to do the work... Ur digestive system goes on a holiday coz it's no longer needed! It becomes sluggish and then needs the lax for assistance in digesting and getting rid of waste!
Like my mum says...(and I know it's easier said than done) Be kind and gentle to ur body, look beyond what it looks like and think of what it can do, how it can move and function. Try to get off the laxatives and let ur body take control again. It'll take time but it will become regular. We just don't give our bodies a rest nor a chance to do what it does naturally!

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That is so true

Hey Isalter, thanks for your great advice! I really appreciate it! It's so true that we don't give our bodies a rest and a chance to do what it should...naturally!
Will try get off the laxatives and take it from there. Time to let my body take control and not my head! :)
Thanks alot!!!

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i think you should take some

i think you should take some tea, drink lots of water and try not to take any kind of laxatives because the colon is used to work only with help and it will recover but in time. i have also struggeled with laxative abuse, but i dont take any pills at the moment. i just use teas,...i try to reduce the dose though.

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i can go 2 days without a bowel movement if i've been using a lot of laxatives. even after i've stopped the laxatives it takes almost a week to get back to normal. one way to help get you back on track (other than stopping the laxatives) is to eat high fiber foods. i buy tons of the fiber one brand products (or the store brand equal). i also shop in the natural food section at the grocery store for high fiber foods and try to eat a huge salad when i'm trying to get back on track. ruffage is good! i kinda wished i was the workout type of bulimic. i know that sounds bad. i've never been one for exercise. i guess that's why i throw it up. good luck with your recovery.

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Just drink lots of water- try

Just drink lots of water- try drinking a pint in the morning before you do anything.

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choose fruits and veggies! i

choose fruits and veggies! i didn't think it would ever make a difference, but it seriously seriously DOES!

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you just have to wait for it

you just have to wait for it to will. it can even take 2-3 weeks.

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some hope :)

Looks like my bowel functions are starting to kick in now! YAY!!! Thanks for all your helpful hints,tips, and advice!
I drink ALOT of water and having fibre fibre fibre. :)
I'm slowly weening off of the lax. Doing nothing drastic and just letting my body get back into gear and function again.
My eating plan is also helping alot! Only started that recently and keeping me on target.

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i have problems with

i have problems with constipation...the thing is whenever i eat fruits/veggies i get really bloated and i have acid and then i have the tendancy to binge..i hate this. i only can go to the bathroom with green tea or laxative tea...i wish somehow things can come back to normal.

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same same

Yes, I know exactly what you saying! I'm also drinking a lax tea (blackforest) and slowly starting to ween off of it. I use to drink 2 big cups just before I went to bed at night, and now cut down to half a cup. This binge eating is terrible hey! But we'll get there and through this! I haven't naturally gone to the bathroom in about 3 months.Could only go with the lax tea, until now. You see, your body and the way it should naturally function has become sluggish.Almost like it's on "holiday" because the lax tea is taking over the natural function. Ever since I've been on my eating plan, it's slowly started to function properly again, but still in the process of getting rid of the "extra help" lax tea.
The eating plan that I'm on is moderate, frequent meals. So I never really feel full nor hungry. Just right. Definitely seems to be helping my digestive system. Are you on an eating plan?

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I've been drinking herb lax

I've been drinking herb lax tea at night for over two years now and I SO want to stop and let my body function normally on its own but I'm so afraid that it never will. I've tried to go off it a couple of times but after a week without being able to "go" I've felt worse and gone back to taking it. Fruit and veg just make me bloat like a balloon and as for eating fibre such as cereals I get awful wind pains, so I don't pretty much know what to do! I feel so hooked on them but I really want to feel normal again.

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Don't worry!

At least we know that the herb lax tea is herbal and not the harmful ones. But don't worry, your body will function normally again! I also tried not taking the lax tea and after a week, I just felt too bloate, but where I made my mistake, is that I should'nt have taken the lax. You should just stick it out, and your body WILL realize that it must do its job and function now. You see, your bowel movements is use to the "extra help" and all those muscles have become sluggish. I heard from another girl, that she only went 3 weeks later, after she stopped taking laxitives, then she could'nt stop "going" :) because her body knew that it has to star functioning normally again, without the "extra help".
And also, alot of it is your eating lifestyle. If you're eating very little (which was my problem), doing strenious exercise, or purging, your body will hold-on, and do ANYTHING to keep you alive.
That's what really got me thinking! I'm not completely of the lax tea yet, but slowly getting there, so that my body can slowly get back into normal function again.
You'll get there. Just believe and have Faith :)

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I hate this problem

Ive had a problem with constipation a lot. I used laxitives as a backup to purging, even though I know it doesnt help with weight. I just did it because I liked feeling empty. Using laxitives really screwed up my system. The longest I went without a bowl movement was 5 and a half days. And I was eating a lot during this time. I notice eating a lot of fruit helps. It just softens everything up. I eat a lot of fruit anyway, so it wasnt a problem.

Denny Dwight
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If you took all the time you spent bleaching your hair, spackling on makeup, and obsessing about your weight, you could actually do something with yourself besides looking like a tart.

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I suffered from terrible

I suffered from terrible constipation for about 2 yrs and have been on and off them for a while, trying to get my body used to functionning naturally. Very difficult process but with SE it has helped. Things that work for me: large green tea in the morning first thing, with an apple and a piece of toast, or a bowl of wholewheat cereal with soya milk . Other thing: prune juice! (not prunes, for me it has to be the juice!). It's actually quite tasty (with an acquired taste!). I find it quite sweet so i add a bit of water in it. I have also noticed with a lot of practice is that having the same breakfast in the morning at the same time helps. I think this is because the body gets used to receiving the same food in the morning and it able to trigger bowel action naturally. I hope this works for you! x

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