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contraceptive pill

i havent had my period for nearly 12 months now, does anyone think i should go on the contraceptive pill to get a period and make it regular?? i am 19 years old, my weight goes up and down i am at average weight but still havent got a period.. HELP?

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hey, im 17... i have similar

hey, im 17... i have similar issues. see your doctor, he or she will examine the issue and decide what you need. My sister had similar isssues as well, and that was because she was anorexic and was malnourished. She is fine now with the pills that she takes, and im sure if you talk to your doctor, he or she will find the right thing to do for you. dont worry, the doctor will not judge...

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yup in the same boat....

I started to binge/purge about a year and a half ago and now I am at my worst. I purge about four times a week (personal worst) and especially within the last five days I have purged each day. I am going on my fourth month without a period and I am a bit worried. I have intense mood swings and have hardly any control. I am not under weight and I am not that stressed out. Could my loss of period be due to my ED.....I don't know....

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I was in the exact same position

Hi 3844holly,

The same thing happened to me when I was 19. I'm now 21. I had the same Idea that I was average weight so why wasn't I getting my period and I was questioning going on the pill. In the end I went to the doctor, low and behold I was below recommended weight, he suggested that I avoid the pill, it's just a chemical to trick the lining of your womb into ovulating. The better option would be to get your body to do it itself, when it feels safe and healthy enough to!
so it's up to you if you want to take the natural or artificial route.


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Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your reply!
I know I am in the average weight range for my height and weight and I am a nursing student and am trying to make sense of the physiology of skipping my period due to the binge/purge cycle however I haven't found any reasonable explanation. I am not totally convinced that it is because of my ED. I am not a big fan of prescription/chemically synthesized/hormone/western medicines so the pill is my last resort. I went and saw a nurse practitioner a few weeks ago and told her about my missed period but I was too afraid of telling her about my ED. She gave me a prescription for progesterone for ten days. I filled the prescription but won't take it unless its really necessary. My mood swings are the worst though.I don't know what to do....

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similar situation

I havent had a period in over 2 years, I got pregnant may of 07 had my baby in 08 and still have not recieved a period I dunno if its cuz i still breastfeed or becuz of not enough body fatt any ideas?


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a few ideas....

Hi Mandi..

Have you checked your BMI? The BMI isn't as accurate because it doesn't take into consideration muscle weight however it does help to get an idea as to where the healthy ration of body fat to height.
Regarding breast feeding, this is what I learned in Nursing school and what my clients say.
Breast-feeding suppresses menstruation at least for a while. For some mothers, there may be an absence of menstruation for months, and even years while still breastfeeding. Some mothers will even need to completely wean before they see their first period. Irregular or spot bleeding is common as well. Its important to try to raise your caloric intake by 500 calories if breast-feeding or while pregnant to make the milk as nourishing as possible. The act of breast-feeding itself burns calories as well.

I hope this helps a little. Its hard to cope with an irregular period when hormones take over. I think it may make my situation worse because I get depressed easily and unmotivated which as a result causes me to overeat and then purge....its odd when you do something comforting like eating but it ultimately ends up creating more anxiety and then in result purging....its so hard to stop the viscous cycle...
Its hard to because I am a nursing student and I am around sick people all day and its embarrassing that deep down inside I am doing what I know is wrong....I feel so guilty... how can I inspire others to be healthy when I am treating my body bad....


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