Could BHM be helpful even though I also have a history of anorexia?

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Could BHM be helpful even though I also have a history of anorexia?

I first found the bulimia help method about a year ago, and I have made some improvements in my life and eating habits through structured eating and increasing my portions to the recommended amounts of calories. However, I feel that things have taken a turn for the worse lately.
As I have been going a bit back and forth on recovery throughout this past year I am definitely not blaming anything on the program; whenever I get back on track, I am relieved and feel better. But there is also a thought that crept into my mind just recently as I watched the new video tutorials: a point is being made that bulimia often begins with some sort of food restriction. Did mine? Indeed, but this restriction was not only a diet, it was full-blown anorexia. I was hospitalized for it, got a bit better and gained weight but kept restricting ever-so-slightly until this at some point turned into frequent bingeing and purging.
And so the thing is: I want to recover, and as I have already noticed improvement with the bulimia help method I want to go through with the program and be free. But at the same time I am also afraid that my anorexic background will somehow get in the way and that for me, my bulimia may be a physical/biological condition, but it is paired up with a psychological condition that makes this physical/biological approach to recovery less effective.
Is this a reasonable fear? Could anorexia, perhaps, also be categorized as physical/biologial the same way as bulimia, and hence there is nothing to worry about at all? Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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I dabble between the 2. I'm

I dabble between the 2. I'm medically diagnosed as a Bulimic/anorexic. More on the Bulimia side but I go from drastically underweight to steady weight all the time. This programme is the best thing I ever done for myself. Ever.
I have a friend I'm very close to, who is same as you. Full blown anorexia. Hospitalized,close to death. Still struggles to eat 'Normal' however she found huge encouragement and progress from this site. And that is how I met her. She is very close to recovered and no where near where she once was. So in answer to your question. Yes. This site is for you. It encourages healthy eating, meals and snacks, coping mechanisms, people to talk to. Regardless of anorexia or bulimia. This site is a God send. Stick at it x

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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I have been hospitalized

I have been hospitalized twice for atypical anorexia (i.e anorexia, purging type) and when I read the "Bulimia help method"-book's description of how binging and purging starts I thought it fits with anorexia as well. It comes down to how restricting my calories negatively affected my biology in other ways and so I gradually became more and more withdrawn, anxious, depressed and eventually I gave in to eating and - shameful because of having eaten what I thought was too much - I started purging. So I feel that if this program works for bulimia it should work for my atypical anorexia too.

However, because I just recently (like only a week ago or something like that) mustered up enough motivation to give this program a chance, I have not experienced this - it is only my belief. Anyway, I think that allowing our bodies the nutrients it needs is really where we need to start. There are often deep emotional issues to deal with too, but dealing with these I think is futile if your brain and body has no fuel because, after all, cognitive abilities are jeopardized by being underweight.

I think like this: what do I have to loose by trying this program? I am already miserable and I want to start living my live rather than starving myself and purging when I eat what I think I should not. So I now try eating regularly and focus on keeping the food down. I have already noticed that my urge to binge is lower when I eat this way, which is something, at least.

I wish you all the best and will definitely ask you to try BHM for a period of time.
After all, what is the worst that can happen if you do..?

With love, Thalelia

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I definetely will recommend

I definetely will recommend this method to you, I was both ,anorectic and bulimic
and nothing helped me except following this method.
Wish you succes and hope and joy,


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