creating flow charts for times of need.

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creating flow charts for times of need.

Hey guys! I just spent waaaay too long avoiding study and doing this. But I think it was probably one of the more effective procrastination times I've spent :) The idea is that I'll build this up so whenever I'm not getting anywhere with work/wanting to binge/feeling down about something, I'll just be able to take myself through these steps, and will therefore decrease the prominence of binging as a coping mechanism.

I put this into a flow chart in SmartArt section of word, if anyone has word. There's easy instructions if you google it. I found it works best with a vertical-flowing heirarchy chart in Smartart Graphics, with Horizontal A4 pages.

So - maybe take this as inspiration to do your own one :)

Note - I'm fairly far along in beating this I think. It's tailored to what's needed for me and what's worked for me in the past, and needs a bit more filling out of course (Still have to go through and write up things under 'motivation task' etc. I might add these here later).

How do you feel
-upset about something/myself
----write down why you're upset - as much as possible in 3 minutes
--------write down what you can change next time
------------write down ALL options regarding what you can do now
----------------write down how you will move on from here regarding the problem
--------------------write down what you will do immediately (tasks)
------------------------5 breaths visualising yourself moving on, and undertaking the tasks calmly.
-unmotivated to study
----It's impossible, I suck
--------inspiration task
----CBF/ bored
--------Motivation task
----not enough sleep
--------Have you been productive in the last hour?
------------Can you reasonably expect you will be in the next hour
----------------write down your priorities & inc minimum sleep
--------------------Planning Task.
------------------------don't sleep
----------------------------Is there a change in environment/caffeine/friend that would help.
--------------------------------1 min physical exercise, then start
----Confused as to where to start, it's all too much
--------Planning Task
----distracted by other things
------------spend 3 minutes thinking about this thing
------------take 10 deep breaths, emptying your mind
------------change your environment if possible
----------------Motivation task
----braindead from too much study
--------Take a short break Planning Task
-want to binge
----10 x deep breaths
----10x deep breaths - focus on hunger signals & emotions
--------What do you feel?
------------Can't stop thinking of binge, urgent.
----------------YOU CAN delay 2 minutes. Binge Scenario Task
----------------write down what you need from the food. Write down your options. Decide.
--------------------Prepare the food. Take 10 deep breaths
--------------------eat the food publically if possible, or at least out of room.
------------Emotional need
--------------------remove yourself from temptation
--------------------Relaxation Task

--------------------Binge scenario task
--------------------Planning Task
--------------------go for a brisk 10 minute walk or jog
--------------------Motivation task
--------------------if still want to binge - Binge Scenario Task.

Planning Task
• write down the hours left
• write down the scheduled events
• list desired tasks
• write in to timetable in realistic order of capability and priority
• make sure there is time in between for breaks, add one reward.
• Add one time for reassessment
• decide where these events will happen – remove from temptation.
• visualize the plan – 5 deep breaths.
• Start






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