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I really struggle with the belief that my body is so damaged I will never have a normal metabolic rate. I feel sad and sick today. I am trying to view one bad day after a good 3 weeks as progress but just feel so sad and defeated.


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I'm so sorry you're feeling

I'm so sorry you're feeling sad... ((hugs))

Struggling with self belief can be a bitch - I'm no stranger to that. I like turning the notion of "I'll believe it when I see it" on it's head. "I'll see it when I believe it" is more truthful, and hopeful!

What you described certainly sounds like progress to me!

Much love x x

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Hi Zannah Sorry to

Hi Zannah
Sorry to hear you have had a bad day, try not to be down hearted 3 weeks progress is something to celebrate :-)
Your not damaged and we all need to remember ED doesn't define us its just a habit that needs to be broken!!

Elisa x


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My dear Zannah, Trust in the

My dear Zannah,
Trust in the power of your body to recover. It will not happen over the night, that true, but it will happen.
I am in the 4th week of recovery and I see clear signs that my body it getting back to normal, after 19 years of bulimia.
It is not realistic to believe, after so many years of killing ourselves, our bodies will start working properly over the night.
Be patient with yourself.

I started also taking a Enzyme&Probiotic complex to help my digestion and it really helps.

Other things which got improved after nearly 4 weeks B&P free:
My kidneys started working properly(no water retention), I feel warmer(and not always frozen as before, even there were 25 grades). I don't hear always noises in my head.
My hair doesn't fall down in huge quantities.I feel more clear in my mind...and not always like I was drugged. I can concentrate better
Trust me!! You will be well!!

Probably your bad mood is related with PMS. I also felt suddenly very strange short before my period. Tired, mood swings, anxious.
The good thing...I just feel the need to cry and release myself...but I don't feel anymore the need to binge to cope with my bad feelings.
Is funny..because sometimes I just want to cry because i feel happy that I could manage to have 21 consecutive days B&P free. Sometimes because I feel alone...
Actually these mood swings are sth normal for me. I always had them.

Be patient with yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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Keep up dearest zannah!! I

Keep up dearest zannah!! I agree with everyone here. Give it time and everything will heal. It's impressive the capacity that our body has to regenerate itself if we love and take care of it. We just have to do our job and trust that the universe will fix the rest.

Take one day at a time and give yourself the space to be kind to yourself. Things can only get better ;)




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