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Day 3

I am feeling better today. I feel like I have some clarity on day 3. So often, when I have clarity I also get arrogant and don't prioritize my recovery. I start to forget how terrible the cycle is. In itself it is crazy how quickly I can disregard all the emotional, financial, and physical pain that bulimia causes me. I am trying to be nurturing to myself and allowing myself to feel what I need to feel. I was able to let myself be depressed yesterday without coping with food and purging. Funny, I feel better today. If i would have inaccurately thought the bulimia cycle would have helped, I'm pretty sure I would still be depressed today. I am proud of myself.

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I completely understand when

I completely understand when you say you get "arrogant" and don't prioritize recovery. I do the same thing and haven't been able to find the words on how you to say it, but you hit it perfectly. Lately I have been only able to get to day three, usually dy two, but I'm trying so hard to make it past it, for my self, health, and everyone I love, Keep that in mind, I have faith, and know you can defeat and overcome it, please message me anytime you need something xoxo

]I am so glad you feel clarity, don't let anything get in your way, you are so strong.

"iI you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

You aren't, you are strong, powerful, and an amazing amazing person.

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Keep going both of you! It's

Keep going both of you! It's really tough at the start, but one day you'll make a breakthrough and move that little bit further forward. Don't give up. Count each day as a triumph instead of counting slip ups as failures. Even making a few hours can be torture and so so difficult, so don't be too hard on yourselves. You have to start somewhere and you'll just build on it gradually.

If you add up all the day ones and two you've had, it's a lot of days and days when you would normally have been purging. Looking at those days as a whole, rather than going back to the beginning each time and thinking that you've failed, is a good way to remain positive when you think you aren't going anywhere. Every day, or hour of success is another contribution to your future health and happiness. You can do this!


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Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement and perspective! It means so much! Wishing you both another day in recovery.


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