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Hey sweety! I know the

Hey sweety! I know the feeling of guilt and shame, it is devastating. Every time I think about the people who have seen me acting strange due to bulimia, I feel horrible and I just wish it didnt happen. But it did, and IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! You have nothing to be ashamed of. Dieting leads to Bulimia. And you grand parents probably don't know it, coz their generation was not so focused on diets and weight.

You need some motivation. And chosing your happiness should be enough! You are not happy now, so you need to change the way you are living. In this site there is a lot of information how to get started. It is very difficult, but structure eating will heal your body, the urges will disapear and the internal healing will begin.

You are so young, FIGHT FOR THIS LIFE, FOR THE HAPPINESS AND ALL THE WONDERFUL MOMENTS which are there waiting for you to get better!

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!

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thank you so much...i really,

thank you so much...i really, really appreciate that!
you're probably right, about their generation, they never really said anything
that is related to eating disorders. Honestly i don't think they knew about them, until my problem came along..
i just, hate making their lives even more difficult lately than they should're right.
i just need to find a place to start..stick with it..and go from there, i assume..?

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I'm so sorry that you are

I'm so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time at home. I have lived through the shame and guilt of having loved one's "catch me" acting on my bulimic urges and it pains me to know that they have seen me in that light. It's hard to feel so misunderstood... I always tell my family that it's not as easy as "just stopping". Have you ever opened up to them about how you feel? This is something that I have really struggled with -- and still do. One of the best things I ever did was to find an information session on eating disorders, specifically for family members, that was put on my a treatment facility in my area and ask my mom and dad to attend. I found it helpful to have them hear first hand (from people who have suffered from, recovered from and work with people with eating disorders) what it's like... and the best part was, having them hear it from someone else opened up the door for me to talk to them about my bulimia.

Just take each day one step at a time and believe that it can only get better from here :)

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I totally understand the

I totally understand the guilt... and have had family members angry with me for wasting food. :( As if we don't know what we are doing and feel awful about it already! They need to understand WHY you can't "just stop", that if you could, you would!!! Maybe you could print off some things from this website to give to them to read? Also something-fishy has a section for family and friends... they might have some info that explains EDs and what to do/not to do when helping someone.

Hang in there xxx

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Hi lovely, I'm so sorry

Hi lovely,

I'm so sorry you're going through such a hard time with your family right now. I think one of the hardest things in the world is when people just don't understand how eating disorders effect us.

I used to get so angry when people would presume I could just stop - if only!

I found that even the people who did try to understand would often do things that I found to be very triggering and upsetting, but it came down to the fact that they just didn't get it.

Do you think any of your family would be willing to learn a little bit more about bulimia? Recently I created a guide called "what do do when someome tells you they have bulimia" -

you can access it through this page:

It could be helpful for them, if they'd be willing to read it? What do you think?

Take care x x

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