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Hello all :)

My name is Holly and I am in a state of complete desperation. I have been a binger and purger for 1.5 years and within the last six months it has taken over my life. I am actually in extreme physical pain right now due to the damage I have done to my throat. I feel helpless and lost. I have worked through countless work books and spent massive amounts of money on therapy and nothing is changing.

I am looking for a buddy who can be there for me as I will be there for them. To help support each other through recovery.

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Hi Holly. Well, I am not sure

Hi Holly. Well, I am not sure if I am the best person to answer your question as I am not recovered yet... But I've gone through bad and good times over the last 12 years of my ed. What I know for sure is that the throat was always one of my clearest mirrors to show how bad it actually was at the moment. I had days when I could not talk. I know it takes time a while until the pain goes away. Until your voice goes back to normal. For me it was a good couple weeks, sometimes over a month of no b/p usually. Then I could really feel the difference. I now think that even if I am "clean" for a long time, my throat is still a weak point. But I do not know how much of this can be explained by bulimia and how much is a natural tendency. I always had a quiet voice and still it is very tiring to speak loudly. Anyway - good things happen. If so many people say that full recovery is possible we need to believe it. We need to get there. You have my support Holly. Kas xx

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Hello holly I've been in the

Hello holly I've been in the same position for the past 2 years and I have done quite a number to my body as well but no amount of money or therapy will truly help you until you face yourself and your emotions which you have been numbing. You are a worthwhile person and deserve to live a happy and healthy life. You can do it!

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