Different urges to binge

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Different urges to binge

I've been having a very good day and feeling relaxed and happy. Then I just finished seeing a new patient and it was great but now in my excitement and joy I notice I'm thinking I want to go out tonight and B&P! What!? Does anyone else have this? I've noticed any stress positive and negative make me want to do it.


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Hi Andrea, I just started

Hi Andrea,

I just started this program about ten days ago. I have only had a couple of urges to binge. They happened in the first couple of days on the program, and by thinking about it and reading the book, I concluded it was because I really wasn't eating enough, even though I felt satisfied up till the binge. I started eating a bigger breakfast, two eggs instead of one, two slices of gluten-free bread with a little ghee, instead of one, and at first, some additional protein, an ounce or two or ham or sausage. I also increased lunch and dinner a little. I haven't had a binge urge since.

I think we have to get out of the habit of thinking there is something wrong with us mentally if we binge and instead think physiologically. Our body is giving us a message that we are not eating right somehow. At least, that seems to be working for me so far. I may be back here saying something went wrong somewhere down the road. I'm only on my second week. I don't want to be overconfident, but I really think the physiological approach is the answer.

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