distorted body image

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distorted body image

For the first time in my life..I'm understanding what I thought only occurred in Lifetime movies. I feel fat, gross, hulking just large. I'm 5'6 about 150 pounds. Latley, I've noticed pictures of myself...they don't match my image in my head. I look feeble, thin bony in some pics...But I'm strong like bull!!!! Who's this weak feeble thin woman...Not me!!! I don't want to be so thin that I look feeble...I just want to look sexy!! I;m complimented a lot on my figure, one friend even said I was sinewy..I wish!!! I do work out relentlessly....but I can only see a fat hulking woman in the mirror...I'm kind of frightened. I'm a size 10 in Levis and a size 8 dress size..but this sense of overwhelming fatness...bulk .....clumsiness overcomes me....I don't think I could deal with being thin....I should way about 25 pounds less, but that probably won't be enough in my eyes...I think my view has become distorted how can I fix it and make it right?? So sick of being a big bulky girl in my head!!!






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