Do we begin to use more natural methods of expressing emotion when we stop b/ping?

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Do we begin to use more natural methods of expressing emotion when we stop b/ping?

Since stopping b/ping I have noticed that i have had some massive crying sessions, its times i know i would have usually b/ped , i only realised after a few of these crying sessions that i hadnt cried in so long .its as if the b/ping numbed my emotions.

Although pretty sad,i see it as a positive .it def feels more natural to cry for hours than stuff my face and throw up for hours.

anyone else notice this?


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I just noticed this for the first time recently... It makes you wonder what emotions you have been numbing down.. And why it is your crying.. even though you feel so sad etc.. you cant pin point exactly one thing.. But if you keep this up you begin to really understand the need for BN and its role its playing in your life..And i have begun to face things that i never thought/let myself think have been upsetting me...

" Believe in your healing, even when it seems as if you are falling back into old obsessions "
" Who i am is okay, and what im doing is good enough... no one is perfect !"

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that's so cool you brought that up

I started thinking about that later today. Realizing the importance of it, I've now made self-awareness a priority. Eckhart Tolle is a little more down to earth than most of the loonies trying to pitch their wack ideas relating to body/mind/soul stuff. I've been listening to his audio books and find that they are fantastic in that they really help you to become aware of your thoughts and to challenge them in an objective manner. Ans a little effort in being mindful has been helping to coincide the "need" to numb out. The ability to feel again is a ground breaking event- and yeah these odd crying spells are a bit confusing, but look at it as an exciting concept because you are now starting to experience emotion. Tears are a good thing in this case. So congrats hon :)

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Right on! I have noticed more

Right on! I have noticed more crying too- more feeling in general really. I had forgotten what pure joy, relaxation and sadness all felt like! I numbed all that with b/p. Isn't it nice to stop walking around in a fog, and start living and really feeling things again?? It feels so great to be 'in the moment'. The only time I EVER felt that pure before was on the slopes, but now I get it all the time. The little things in life are back and I'm ready to notice them!! Yes, the bad emotions hurt more now, but the good ones feel so much better!

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I see now that the blanket is

I see now that the blanket is kind of lifting and my feelings aren't as muffled anymore, I have been extremely upset crying for hours..felt proper anger..haven't really felt much happiness yet, haven't had an opportunity to but im definitely feeling more raw emotions..scary

It's a completely draining state but feel more alive than I have for a long time.

heard that crying is an emotional discharge..sounds minging but also nice-litterally washing out the saddness.


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