Do you all believe this?

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Do you all believe this?

There is a documentary series titled "What's Eating You?" that airs on Oprah's "Own" channel in the states. The series chronicles those with various issues with food, anything from Anorexia and Bulimia to Pika. The show basically consists of the beginning of their recovery, with their doctor's visits and therapy. There was a statement made by an anorexic's therapist that I found intriguing but really disagreed with. She said that when an individual develops an eating disorder, emotionally they stop growing at whatever age the ED became full blown at. This would mean that emotionally I am the equivalent of a 12 year old, and I know that's not true. We may mistreat our bodies and dislike them, but isn't that too broad a generalization to make?


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That is not true ONE BIT, i

That is not true ONE BIT, i do not act like a 13 year old

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To be honest, I had the same

To be honest, I had the same reaction when I heard this. I was outraged and did not believe I was acting like a 14 yr old. Within 24 hrs of thinking about it, I realized that I do overreact to many things and am not as stable as most other 20 yr olds. I wouldn't say this is true for everyone with an ED, but I def. think it applies to a lot of us. Many of us used our ED's to deal with our emotions and therefore never actually dealt with them. I wouldn't say I act like a 14 yr old, but I don't act like a 20 yr old either.

I personally think this is just stereotyping all people with ED's into one group. Just because it applies to a handful of people with ED's doesn't mean it applies to all.

PS-I saw that show twice and I couldn't handle it. It was so triggering for me but I kept on watching the reruns when it first aired.

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I read that in a recovery

I read that in a recovery book too. I don't think its 100% true for everyone, and its not saying we act like a bunch of 12 or 13 or whatever, just that when the eating disorder is full blown, we are not growing emotionally but using the ed to cover/hide all emotions... so when we start to recover, there is a lot of emotional growth that needs to take place. But obviously this isn't true for everyone, but i feel it is true for a lot of us.

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But what do you all think it

But what do you all think it means to emotionally act an age? Was she referring more to the insecurities and learning how to deal with your emotions? I could definitely see that if this is what she meant.

thinks2much: That show is the MOST triggering show I've ever seen in my life but I love it, honestly though it's dangerous for anyone even thinking about recovery to watch it. I broke a wekk long no purge streak right after watching that show saturday. =/


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Try you best NOT to watch it.

Try you best NOT to watch it. I remember feeling like a failure of a person because I felt like I didn't even know how to have an ED. I remember literally purging during the freaking commercial breaks! Seriously? I couldn't believe I did that! After that I haven't watched it again. I remember being at my friends dorm room one night and she wanted to watch it so I just left and hung out in the lounge.

And I think she was referring to it in that way. I can see that relating too but then again, it doesn't go for everyone with an ED. It does for me though :-/

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I know that I don't need to,

I know that I don't need to, as much as I want to. It just sucks b/c I'm going to school to go pre-med or get my b.s. in the fall, and I enjoy that type of stuff. But I watch it and see anorexics, or ppl that purge a lot more than I do, and feel like a failure b/c I'm not 90 pounds or purging like 8 times a day. I

But if she was referring to it that way I'm pretty sure I could see it i a little more, but like you said, not in everyone.


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I don't know exactly about

I don't know exactly about the age, but I think it might be true that people with ED might have issues in dealing with their emotions (well also a lot of people without ED do). I learned a lot of things about myself when I was in therapy, a lot of things that other people might have learned without therapy. I don't know how my ed was related to that, but it was true for me that I had overdeveloped one side of my personality and underdeveloped another. When i started facing my ed I also started addressing these emotional issues, but again I don't know to what extent those things are related. Anyway I think a statement like that is too much of a generalization to be true.

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I felt the same way when

I felt the same way when watching that. It totally messed me up a thousand times more than I already was :-/

"This is just a journey, drop your worries, you are gonna turn out fine"

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My psychiatrist told me the

My psychiatrist told me the exact same thing. As soon as I got into recovery, I started to grow up emotionally. With bulimia I was only trying to hide and get rid of my emotions I did not know how to deal with so I couldn't "improve" emotionally.

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I can somehow relate to

I can somehow relate to this... at least my confidence level is still as low as I was 16... as it isnt even worse... I always used my eating disorder to not have to deal with REAL emotions so I guess it can be kind of right... but how can you ever catch up on that lost time?

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday!

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I obviously isn't a 12 year

I obviously isn't a 12 year old anymore either. However, I am bulimic. Maybe it is a difference between anorexic patients and bulimic. Most of the people suffering from bulimia I have come across only had a brief encounter with anorexia before resorting to binging and purging. Maybe it is different if you are a long term anorexic?

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I think it is true for

I think it is true for myself, doesnt have to be for everyone. I developed my ED at 20 and have only started in recovery, some twenty years later, at 40 (about 3 months now) and I can honestly say that my emotions did get stuck at age 20. My reactions and thoughts about things are very immature, I cling to ideas and behaviours, not like my husband (who is a little younger than me) and its only now that I am trying to recover that I can see all this.

My husband even said to me that he has had more rational conversations with me in the last three months than in the 10 years we have been together.

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@I am Lisa, I do know a

@I am Lisa, I do know a longterm anoxeric and she really lacks the ability to cope with any stress what so ever, always wants people to be happy and does't deal well with any kind of conflict, stress or disagreements. It is really sad to live that way. (She covers her ears and and if sitting brings her head down to her knees almost fetal position) But, I would think that it is the starvation effect on your body over all especially the brain. Was the therapist a doctor and what study is she basing this statement on? I would think it would be the harm to the brain caused by lack of nutrition and poor coping skills developed at an early age. Me, I think I am where I am supposed to be :)

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The reason it affects in that

The reason it affects in that way is that your brain doesn't get the nutrients it needs, it may not be the age that ED started at, but still younger then we really are...

ED is very emotional, and since we've used the food to deal with the emotions instead of tackling them, so we've in a sense stunted our emotional growth...

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