Does anyone else feel this way?

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Does anyone else feel this way?

Right now I'm sitting chatting(online) with my mom. Talking about my ED, and she's saying I need to seek professional help and really make an effort to make sure I get it, and my bf has said the same.. But.. I don't think I'm/It's worth the trouble, I don't want anyone to have to spend extra time or money and resources on me.. Does anyone else feel this way? or am I just too messed up?

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Oh my i feel the EXACT SAME

Oh my i feel the EXACT SAME WAY! I feel like I'm not worth any more help because I'm "not that sick", but I think its just our eating disorders telling us this! you are totally worth anything it takes to get you better!!!

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I recently confessed to my

I recently confessed to my boyfriend how dire my situation is and he said he thinks I need to see a therapist as well. I know it would probably help, but I really want to do this w/o professional help if possible. I don't want to be spending even more money and resources. I'm hoping the support offered from people on this site can be of great help, which so far it has been. I hope you get enough support here as well. Don't hesitate to message me if you ever need anyone to talk to! Good Luck!

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Angie Vldz
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ive been doin better n all

ive been doin better n all because of this website, i cant affore a therapist or anything like that, right now im trying to rescue all my teeth. i have to see the dentist this tuesday and im scared.


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Tx for your replies girls, I

Tx for your replies girls, I also can't really afford professional help, but my mom is begging me to get it, So I'm gonna call a Center for Eating Disorders when I get home from school... I'm sooo nervous about it.
Like ngvldz I'm freaked out about my teeth! I haven't been to a dentist in over two years, but I can feel my teeth need help, or at least don't need more damage. I don't have dental insurance, so I'm also worried what a bill that might turn out to be in the future... :-S

Life is too short to not be happy

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I don't think it can hurt to try

Even though its really scary. Ive been doing my own recovery just me my fiance and this website for support. And honestly Ive been doing amazingly, but in the past few days I've also seen my doctor for additional support. I'm having vital blood tests taken (in about an hour :/) and Im being refered to the eating disorders service for support and possibly therapy. I did it for myself and for my future, because no matter how good our intentions are I think we need to cover every base possible to try and beat this thing!

I met someone on here who relapsed after three years of recovery and it terrified me, I will not be that person.

I think often we feel like we'll be a burden, like we don't deserve or are not serious enough to need help, but I promise that's just your ed talking x x

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I've been in a hospital for

I've been in a hospital for bulimia and can honestly say that I didn't start really trying to get better until I did it on my own. Institutions only teach you how to manage your e.d. within a controlled atmosphere, but life is not so clean and strategic. Once you're out on your own again, triggers may become even harder to resist and the loss of control is partially due to the fact that you haven't practiced a successful recovery within a "real world" setting.
I hope you stay strong.

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Professional counseling did not help me. I am trying this route instead of being admitted into a hospital.

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I felt the same....

I said exactly the same thing to my Psychologist. 6-7 years down the line and Im not better since getting help. I feel like Im taking the place of someone who needs help, wants help and deserves help more than me. Feel like Im wasting his and the NHS' time and money.

My Psychologists response to my comment was that it will take years to unravel this dreadful illness and therefore not a waste of time. I have nearly stopped attending the meetings so many times as I feel like a lost cause but I know in my heart attending the meeting is good for me. Im more confident, can see what caused me to be this way and Im a lot clearer in my thinking.
It helps ease my stress to get thoughts and feelings off my chest, which I would not otherwise have and also helps me see clearly and not blame myself when my family are so cruel to me. It keeps me safe as I also have weekly blood tests for my potassium levels.

We are worth it and we all deserve a happy, healthy future. Good Luck all! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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