does my dentist know?

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does my dentist know?

So I was at the dentist today and we were having our usual chat about my receding gumlines and my crappy enamel. I've never disclosed anything about being a 13-year bulimic [in recovery! yeah!] and usually, I just blame it on my parents who have similar dental issues. Which is kindof true... but not really.
So the dentist casually asked if I've had any "recent medical changes." I think she's asked me that on prior visits but it never occurred to me-- is this code for ED? Is that what she suspects or are there other things that would cause serious gum recession and weak enamel in a 28-year-old?

thanks for your input!

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Your dentist might already

Your dentist might already know. I am seeing a new dentist and I mustered up enough courage to tell him (I almost started crying before I did). He ended up being very gracious about it, and told me that he does see it from time to time. I think it would be beneficial to tell her. She is in the business of helping people, so I'm sure she's not going to judge you for it or anything. She might also be able to give you some tips to help prevent further damage. Much love and luck in your recovery :)

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i used to work for a dentist

i used to work for a dentist (pre bulimia days). he always used to tell me he could tell who the bulimics were by looking at their teeth. he never said anything to them of course, i mean you just wouldnt.
now he still does my teeth, and i just KNOW he's looking in my mouth and knowing that i have it. i can tell by the pity in his eyes when he looks at me. he's like a father figure to me and it makes me cringe, and every time he finds so many new cavities. when i worked for him my teeth were perfect.
i would go somehwere else but he still gives me a discount, and with the amount of work i am needing, you gotta do what you gotta do..

Emmie Louise
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omigosh I'm so nervous now

omigosh I'm so nervous now about my check up next week. 6 months ago I wasn't vomiting and I have never had a filling even.

Since then, I've been vomiting 4-5 times a day and I can see (i noticed it last week) a spot on one of my teeth.

I don't know what my dentist will say or if I should say something to him.

He always has a dental nurse there with him in the room. I wonder if I could ask for her to go out while I told him? Or will she just know by looking anyhow.

Crap I'm so anxious.

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Thanks, all for chiming

Thanks, all for chiming in...
It's not an easy subject but it's nice to commiserate!

so much love,

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