Does NHS in patient services for eating disorders?

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Does NHS in patient services for eating disorders?

Hello everyone,
I'm having quite a hard time lately and I'm reconsidering the option of accepting in patient services. Does anyone know if NHS offer this service in England? Your support is needed, please advice. Wishing you all a good day in recovery,

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There is this option in the

There is this option in the UK but you will need to be refered for ED assessment by your gp/health professional (my shrink refered me). They have to assess you & then if they deem inpatient treatment the best option they will do that, otherwise you will probably get some other form of therapy. I had IPT through ED services in Leicester. It was very helpful, but Im still working on my shit you know? ED treatment is often only the start of the journey.

The other option is private treatment & if you can afford it then I think you can get whatever you want.

Anyway, at the time I could not see how I could get through it without inpatient but I have, & you can too but extra support is invaluable & the Dr is a great place to start.

Good luck xxx


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Jo, thanks very much for your

Jo, thanks very much for your comment. Yes I have already spoken to my GP and I am now waiting to hear from the ED clinic in Manchester. After the initial assessment lets see what happens. Im now going to a private therapist (once a week) but I have started to feel that it is not enough as I am having a really tough time, and I am living on my own...I just dont know how to stop it, even when I think that im more able now than i was in the past. Lets see where this way is leading us, just hope you find the strength you have inside you and you get better day by day. Wishing you all the best,


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