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doing good!

I started on this website 6 days ago and have been eating regularly ever since! No bingeing or purging, amazing! I'm so happy! I have had bulimia for almost 6 years, the past year and a half I have been recovering, only bingeing and purging sporatically, but then it started to get bad again about 5 months ago. I realize now that it got bad again because I started restricting my food. So happy to realize that that is what causes the cycle for me, it's that simple. I am going on vacation new new orleans next week, which makes me kind of nervous because I am afraid of eating badly and gaining weight.. I hope that if I just try to allow myself to try new things and not restrict myself then I will be binge/purge free! Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you!! xoxo

Alexxa Latta






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