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Angie Vldz
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TV SHOWS THAT MAKE FUN OF PPL WITH EDs. I watch Family Guy n i know they are mean n sarcastic but i just hate to watch those episodes when they make fun of US. thats how it is, its US. thats the only time i dont laugh, i just wonder if they know how hard this is to battle. One day I was watching Rossane n same thing... making fun. maybe tthats why some ppl dont understand what we go thru, they think we just want to look good. So now instead of watching Family Guy I watch my other favorite shows... Love Forensic Files. Anyway! take care. Luv yal.

We can beat this....


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I'm exactly the same... I

I'm exactly the same... I hate when they do that, and everytime there's a comment like that my bf kinda glances at me to see if I'm ok.. cause we do like watching shows like Family Guy.. But yeah I hate it, movies, shows, andything that makes fun of something they don't understand, and I know it sure doesn't help us recover....

Life is too short to not be happy

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I know exactly which Family

I know exactly which Family Guy episode you are all talking about. Not funny at all.

One day at a time <3

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I hear ya!!!!

Everyone makes fun of it, saying thow up until your are skinny! Or, they make the comment about buffets. I cant count how many times i went to a buffet myself and had a huge b/p on chinese food.
no one seems to really understand how evil bulimia is!

"Wow, look how beautiful I am."

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OH my gosh! I was with a

OH my gosh! I was with a group of people I don't know very well, and they were all making fun of bulimia and saying how gross and stupid it was. All I could think was, "if you know I had an eating disorder you would so not be saying that." It make me want to cry.

Angie Vldz
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I know, my brother in law

I know, my brother in law doesnt know about my ED n the guy is an asshole. he makes fun of anyone. One day we were at restaurant n he kept talkin trash aabout bulimics, it was non stop. he started saying it was gross, he didnt know how some guys can staywith those kinda girls n blaaaablaaa blaaa. anyway i was so tired of him, i told him to stop. i told him he didnt know what those girls go thru, he started laughing n the told me i didnt know shit.
all i could say was... ive read a lot about eds, ive seen shows, ive seen movies... but i couldnt tell him i was one of those girls. n he was the one who showed me that Family Guy episode. i tried to laugh because he was looking at me, he wanted to see my reaction... instead i told him he was an imbecil n i left.


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i totally get red in the face

i totally get red in the face and feel odd when people talk about bulimia. can def. tell other people feel weird when they r with me and a movie or show brings up the issue

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Some people are cruel

I hate it when people make comments like that when they don't know anything!

I have a friend who knows about my eating disorder, and has for a while, and he'll make snide comments like they're a joke i'll find funny. For example yesterday i was saying how i was worried cause me and a group of friends were going out to eat at Taybarns, and he said "Why, cause it's all you can eat?" And then he laughed, like the joke was hilarious. He also asked why i wrapped my chicken wraps in separate pieces of foil- then said "is it so you don't eat them both at the same time" He is such an arsehole! He's previously said how it's stupid, he's so insensitive, and he's always making jokes about how i should stay away from cakes and things cause i'll eat them all. It really really upsets me, and he knows it.

There was a time at work too when someone said they'd eaten over XXXX calories in a day- like a lot more, and i was like "yeahh you can do, its not that hard" and they said something like "yea cause you can just throw it up afterwards", i had to leave the room cause i was about to cry and i thought my secret was out. Turns out he doesn't even know! But he was asking why i was suddenly quiet.

People should just think about what they say, they feel they can say whatever they want about the topic.. it just winds me up :(

Hope everyone's doing alright, stay strong =]

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For an outsider

I am all too familiar with the pain of bulimia,.It is a crazy disease and many of us can't explain why we do what we do, so if it doesn't make sense to us then how could it make sense to others? I don't think that this disorder is a joke, but it when i hear people talking about bulimia it makes me take a step back and realize how completely absurd it is.

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I was reminded of a time when

I was reminded of a time when I was livign in Italy.. and well I LOVE lasagne and Pizza.. So paradise.. but not... And a whole bunch of us were at a friends house, and she had made literally 20 tray of lasange.. And one of my friends leans over to me towards the mid/end of teh meal.. and says "God that was so good, now I just wish I could go trhow up so I could come back for more.." And I went and purged.. Ate half a tray more myself, and did it again.. People just don't realize... I don't always blame them.. But they should use their brains a bit!!

Life is too short to not be happy

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My sister ran around the room

My sister ran around the room in a rampage going "I HAVE BINGE EATING DISORDER I ATE A PACK OF CHIPS!" then saw me and went "WAIT. sorry katie don't go into the toilet and vomit"
It hurt so much. i know she didn't mean it like that at all but sometimes I would really appreciate it when people stop and think before they say something.. made me think if a pack of chips is a "binge" she should see what I normally do on my bad days :(
I also cannot stand it when people make jokes about bulimics only wanting attention and being so "hot" because of the purging <- stupid STUPID family guy episode argh

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
— Marilyn Monroe

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hey =) i think it is great

hey =)
i think it is great that you can talk about the things that hurt you -- i often find that what people dont say eats at them horribly.
so yes-- what your sister said was nasty and insensitive and i dislike her for it -- but i admire the fact that she said it -- because if she didnt, youd see she was avoiding it in her eyes -- sometimes i deal better with people when they are upfront about it, than when they are sneaky and hide what they think and feel.
bullemia isnt just about loosing weight -- we all know that -- thats why we are here.
people that have never suffered dont get it -- we have to try our bests to remind ourselfs about that every time.
we will become stronger, all of us!

Coach Jen
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The new ludacris album, first

The new ludacris album, first few lines of the first song he says "Throw it up like an anorexic ho"
Um excuse me Luda, but don't you mean 'bulimic' and no, its not clever. You're an idiot.
I told my bf I hated the new album and he couldn't understand why... and yes, I know which family guy episode you mentioned, and how about in Borat? That scene was horrible, or in Zoolander when she said she was bulimic and Hansel said "You can read minds??" ok, so I did think that was ok, but then Derek says "all male models do it, its a great way to keep weight down" The way they dealt with the subject pissed me off. How about just not bringing it up?? My bf used to make fun of girls at work and saying "oh, she'll just not eat for a week to fit into her dress, how stupid" or he made fun of this mean girl for being fat. Ok, so she is very mean, but making fun of peoples weight is never funny to me. People are insecure about their own problems so they make fun of others to make themselves feel better.

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i dont know the episode you

i dont know the episode you are talking about. ill have to youtube it. we covered bulimia and anorexia in my nursing lecture yesterday. the topic of the lecture was ''psychological diseases of adolescents'' (and who is the 27 year old with the disease?!) but yeah, there were tons of comments in the class. as nursing students we try not to judge but there were some comments made. like ''ew gross'' etc. even though noone in my class knows about my ed i still felt a little strange. like people were looking at me to see my reaction. but im just being paranoid.

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Hi all. Yes your right it isn't funny. But I always felt like I kind of deserve it. Maybe its my self esteem, but I've been killing my body for years now and I wish I could laugh in ignorace. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to be like your friends and not understand? To live in bliss of never knowing what its like to be addicted to something. Such is the innocence of a child. I envy them that they can laugh. I hope that one day I can look back and make fun of the stupid me from today. I really really hope so.

I won't get angry at them. I get angry at myself and use it for recovery because its hard and it sucks and I know I need every ounce of energy I can muster to beat this thing. At lease these shows adress the issue even if it is in a poor light.

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this reminds me of one of my

this reminds me of one of my ex-roommates...first of all, she was a complete bitch, i wont even get into the issues this girl has, thank god shes isnt living in my apartment next year (4 girls) anyways, one time another roommate brought up how this girl was bulimic, and the other girl went off in a rant about how all bulimics are just attention seekers and how pathetic she was and blah blah was horrible to have to sit there and listen to it without being able to tell her off. it was so hard, all i wanted was to tell her how single minded she was, but i knew it wouldnt change her opinion ( i swear, she is that type of person) so i was able to keep my mouth shut. but seriously, people don't understand. its not about getting attention and being skinny! first of all, besides the fact that most peope who suffer from bulimia are of normal weight and don't try to get help after a very long time because of the secrecy and shame surrounding it...having an ED consumes your life and makes recovery that much harder, and its hard enough w/ having that awkward of a topic to bring up without people completely bashing it without any justification or even any facts to back up their opinion, its sick and twisted...ED is such a taboo topic already, and the media and other ignorant people just make it worse

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i think the family guy

i think the family guy episodes where the make references to bulmia are absolutely hilarious. it wouldn't be fair to laugh at everything else (handicaps, foreigners, ugly people, ect . . ) and then be pissed off cause someone made fun of an ed. i am anti-hypocrite. either hate everything that show is, or love it in all it's glory!

- joanna

- * ♥ . . and that's what's so terrifying about letting go of the one thing that's defined you for so long. without it; i'll crumble . . ♥ * -

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Agreed joanna

That episode does piss me off just because it triggers people to begin forming their own opinion on the subject. But, its just a tv episode. And its family guy. They make fun of everything under the sun. Everyone laughs at the show until its the one subject that strikes a nerve with them. You have your awkward moment then they move on to something else. I still enjoy family guy.

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Which episode are you talking

Which episode are you talking about?

I'm pretty easy going with jokes about eating disorders, if they are JOKES rather than jsut taking the mick out of people. I mean I'll joke about it with my other friends who suffer from it, but only in like, wordplay or sarcasm. People genuinely thinking it's something lighthearted are ridiculous.

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After learning about EDs at

After learning about EDs at school, one of my friends started making comments like "I don't feel sorry for any of those bitches who feel guilty after eating 2 carrot sticks because they wanna be hot". I almost started crying but my friends told her how wrong she was and that this is an illness those "bitches" do not choose to do etc etc. I was like wow... Never knew they knew that much about the stuff.

"If you want it... so you should."

Angie Vldz
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i understand they make fun of

i understand they make fun of everything but they r teaching othe ppl to not care about us. i never wanted to look hot, thats not what i wanted. its because of those tv shows that ppl dont understand bulimia or anorexia. i hate to hear my brother in law makin fun of bulimics, i dont knw if he can tell its not funny to me. he got that from family guy, im not gonna watch a show that makes fun of everybody. thats like me makin fun of deaf ppl or ppl who r missin their hands. i dont think any of us wanted to be like this. we just followed a bad habit that became a disease. call us ignorant but i dont want ppl to stop caring. i wouldnt want any of my friends or family members to go thru this. i want to respect everybody, we dont know wat they go thru so why make fun of them. dont they have better jokes??? why ppl like us have to be the targets??


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