Drinking = Binging ---> Purging?

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Drinking = Binging ---> Purging?

Call me crazy, but I have an extreme tendency to eat more...tooooo much... when I'm drinking. It's an awful tendency for me because once I have once beer or cocktail or anything it gets the ball rolling and theres not much I can do, other than a force outside myself, to stop it. I guess I'm posting this to see if anyone else had a similar experience to OVEReating when drunk then eventually purging. I acknowledge that I probably drink more than I should, but I have been cutting back a LOT and I have been making a serious effort to not purge because I've been addressing the reasons why I overeat/binge.

Thanks for all your input folks,

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I definitely have this problem, so I am very careful when I drink now, and only have a couple. It is usually the day after, when I feel groggy and tired as well as guilty for eating a bit more the night before. Then I often have a big binge and purge. Every time I go out now, my boyfriend is immediately concerned, so I just try to avoid drinking as much as I can.

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hangover=binging and purging!

for me, whenever i know i am going out drinking i limit my calories because i know alcohol is full of them. then that leads me to eating drunkely at 2 am everything i can fit into my mouth.

also, when i am hungover, all i do all day is lay in bed, get up, b/p, and go back to sleep. i will b/p on average of about 5 times.

going out and having one drink with dinner or meeting up for one drink with a friend is fine, but i can't do the whole go out get smashed thing!


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Alcohol is a depressant, and it lowers inhibitions. It slows down the frontal cortex which is the part of the brain involved in planning ahead and decision making. Even normal eaters eat more when they drink. Another thing to consider is that alcohol has an extremely high sugar content, even beer! I thought I had found a loop hole there lol. I know stopping drinking has been hard for me because it's the only social thing that my friends want to do together, and it's a good way to meet people but it's worth it to not late night binge for me. Hope that helps and good luck! =)

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I have the same problem. Drink too much, lowered inhibitions leads to late night binge. Wake up feeling crappy and then b/p all day because I'm hungover and just want to eat a bunch of greasy cheesy carby food. It's not a good cycle. I've been considering quitting drinking to focus on recovery. But like vanilla says, it's difficult when that's all your friends want to do.

~believing recovery is possible~

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im weird then

It's so weird because when I drink, I don't eat. Like I go hours and hours and hours without eating. It kills my appetite and gets me moving constantly so I find myself wanting to drink more to kill the hunger, numb my feelings and keep me active. It's bad.

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quit drinking for the time being

so. I have quit drinking for the time being. I was getting myself in trouble, as I was finding myself eating heaps and also flirting with men that werent appropriate. My husbands mum and dad are alcoholics, and on thursday i decided that it was time for me to quit for the time being.

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I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I will vow only to have a few drinks but can never seem to stick to this - I then overeat late at night and often BP the next day due to feeling awful, hungover and depressed. I have tried soo many times to give up alcohol but I end up feeling like I'm missing out or that my friends won't like the new sober me. It's a never ending cycle and I hate it! I may try to give up altogether and see if that helps my ED. Anyone else game?

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Drinking and b/p

I really enjoy a good glas of wine or drink...(even sweet tea) over dinner wtih my Buddies. If were out at a party I'll even have more. Thank God it doesn't make me want to to b/p but what does make me want to is when I drink at home alone....That's what's bad for me so I've stopped.

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I'm game!

Hey Lizzie,

I think I'm in. I can't go out and just have a drink or two. By then I'm looking for more. So yes, I think at least a temporary hiatus would be good.

~believing recovery is possible~

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same issue

yes! i just blogged that i need to stop drinking. if my goal is getting healthy, then drinking needs to go, it's just another thing that is not good for my body and it also makes me want to eat more and makes me care less about recovery. it is going to be hard because it is such a social thing/cultural thing, but discipline is key here. how bad do i want to get better? for me, alcohol only adds, at least potentially, to the problem. an occasional glass of wine i think is okay for me, since if i give it up completely, i might be more likely to loose control and feel deprived down the road. love to all you guys and good luck with your recoveries.


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I totally have the same problem, also i have issues with alcohol, i could easily drink all day long and I've gotten into a very bad habbit of drinking alone and hiding it from other people.

Also it makes me SO depressed and i do BP very easily when drunk and then wake up with the bloody noodles in my bed again. NOT a good look!... its really hard to give up since a lot of people are not very helpful in encouraging you not to drink but convinced to get you drinking. It really angers me.
But i have cut down as i realise that only i know all the crap it does to me and i shouldnt give up on peer pressure.

I've stopped drinking for the time being. It takes some getting used to but its the only way for me


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i can't not drink...

i have a problem in that i play a gig most nights at the moment and i perform at my best when i have had a few drinks (not steaming just tipsy) also my whole social life at home revolves around drinking (and taking drugs sometimes but i haven't been doing that recently)i honestly think it would be virtually impossible for me to cut drinking out of my life i would hate it but every time i drink i B/P.... like EVERY TIME....

How can i avoid this?? Please help? I feel very trapped about this :(

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Ditto, hangover = binge + purge...

I, like the rest here ALWAYS binge the "day after." I'm not gonna drink until I get my ED far behind me!!!!

angela peters
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drinking and purging

Hi Lizzie you are not on your own. I do it a lot. We all make promises to ourselves and then break them. I do not know what the answer is - I wish I did, I would help everyone with this all consuming problem. I start drinking, and then after about 20 mins or so, I get the overwhelming urge to start eating, and I always do. We just have to keep trying, and try not to let the whole things get us down. Angela.

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Hi! I got bulimia when I was

Hi! I got bulimia when I was 14 but actually got healed of it when I was 24. After a terrible divorce and pain I resorted to drinking alcohol as a company and strength. Now 10 years later the drinking has become a terrible habit and the purging has resumed again. I have tried to stop drinking since I know this is the source of the problem. As soon as I drink ,I feel guilty and I purge the drink and food. Then I start drinking again getting half tipsy and loosing all control. Then the cycle keeps repeating!At first I started with wine but now it has gone to stronger drinks. Can someone give me some tips how to stop? My kids who are teenagers keep commenting about my drinking behavior. I know this has to stop. Please help me! Liz

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Woww i was surprised to see

Woww i was surprised to see how fast this forum topic is moving, its incredible how big of a problem alcohol is for bulimia. Ok i will share my story and see if it can bring some light up...

I started drinking at the same age i started bulimia, 14 years old. I would get drunk with friends and then come home and throw up the alcohol, but this was more because i was wasted, i mean sometimes i even puked at the bar or street (holy adolescence of mine!). I cant really recall coming back home to eat because i had to run into my room to avoid my mother from catching me.
Getting drunk in high school was once a week maximum, alcohol was walking slower that bulimia by that time. I started to vomit more and more.

In college, having a car, my own schedules, a job, etc. bulimia took over. Huge planned binges. I would go out for a few drinks and go home to BP. Still i didnt drink so much as i was driving.

Going abroad to study. No car, new art school with lots of parties and drunk friends. Here i started to have a drinking and drug problem, specially with one drug-addict boyfriend of mine. Getting so wasted i couldnt eat, but next day hangover BP for sure. I now realize many times alcohol was my only carbohydrate of the day.

Touched bottom line. I left my boyf, my job at a restaurant full of party people, i moved to a new flat, i started Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous meetings, i quit all drugs, alcohol and tobacco, i changed my phone number, and found a new job with totally new people. Yes, i am proud and happy of all i did, i see im strong and courageous etc, but i must say that i got to do all that because i realized i wouldnt be able to keep going like that, either i would die or i would kill myself. On the last week i had started having vodka early in the morning, hiding alcohol all around, etc. As you might understand, bulimia seemed like the smallest of my problems by then, still i was BP on every single ocassion i had, drunk or not. When i left all drugs/alcohol i remember feeling i was sooo lucky to have food.

I eventually went back to alcohol but as i had changed friends and life it never got so bad, specially because drugs were gone. But then i started a habit of drinking to a certain point and then going calmly to home and BP like crazy. Then drink again until i fell asleep.

Anyway now that u have my picture, when i quit everything bulimia was never gone. I could realize it was not CAUSED by alcohol. On the other hand i kept working on SE and its almost 2 years practicing and trying to recover. Now, here is the good thing:

As i started to eat better (yes i gained some weight too, which now i accept, and No i dont look fat), as my body got rebalanced and i stopped BP, my desire to drink has diminished incredibly all by itself. I can now do that of having 1 or 2 decent size glasses (not huge glasses as before) of wine or beer with friends during dinner or at the bar, and then just stop. There are 3 opened bottles of wine at home right now and i don´t need to drink them, neither i needed it last night when i came back from a long trip. So, in my case, nourishing my body has actually taken alcohol away, im soooo happy for this.

One last thing, my last 2 BP episodes happened in a week when i was working in a show and we were skipping luch or eating crap, i was feeling angry and uncomfortable about this, as i had been BP free for 2 months, i tried to eat better but nobody else seemed to care about having a couple of chocolate bars for lunch. Twice on this week we went all to the bar late after the show, we got all very drunk and we all went back to our flat to eat bread and cheese (thats all we had at home). So i can say we ALL binged these nights. The only difference being that binging means purging for me and being drunk i didnt even try to talk me out of it. So after everybody went to bed i purged and then went to bed. So this experience made me see the relation and the cycle restricting, drinking, binging, purging.

After that week i went back to normal eating, i overate (like having big dessert every day) and maybe over drunk (just a little, like 2 more drinks than i should) some days during this past holidays but i didn´t binge nor purge once. I didn`t let the cycle in so i never felt tempted to get drunk or to binge.

I hope this can help someone and im sorry its such a long post.



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