eating disorder "SIGNS"

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eating disorder "SIGNS"

hmmm well i was speaking with my therapist yesterday and i realized some pretty intense things about my condition. She told me that even though i was not underweight she could tell i suffer from an eating are some of the signs of being bulimic that she noted fingernails are cut short--as to not scratch my throat when i need to purge knuckles are scabbed--from purging hair is always pulled back in a tight knot--so i can purge without worry about my hair falling in the toilet

4. i am constantly chewing gum or drinking tea, water, coffee, or diet soda---oral fixation

5. My personal hygiene has decreased-- i could care less if my teeth are flossed

6.I am a jittery mess-- i fidget constantly to burn excess calories

7. i rest my hands on my hips so i can pinch my belly and "measure" any weight gain.

8. there are ziploc baggies inside my purse for emergency purge..

9. i wear a pedometer a few more i cannot remember....sick sick sick sick

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Read through these bulimia

Read through these bulimia signs in women some of these could apply to anyone though. anyone may tie their hair back tight or have short nails. i have short nails coz i work in health care. i've never had to stick my fingers down my throat. i can just make myself throw up. and i know men who definitely don't have eating disorders who wear pedometers and check how many calories they've burned... but some of these are signs are definites. i think my oral fixation applies to talking too. i have to be talking, eating, drinking, chewing and constantly jittery too...

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Definitely agree with always

Definitely agree with always having to drink something. I never thought of it until I saw this post but I usually have two different types of drink on the go, always. It's just a habit now. I also always shake my foot really fast when I am sitting down and have my legs crossed. I feel that as my ed has been getting worse I've been getting more nervous and jittery :( I wish I knew how to relax.

Hope everyone is doing welll!


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my therapist can easily spot

my therapist can easily spot the signs I've had a bad week based on the swelling of my face. The knuckle scars are a huge sign though, especially ones that resemble teeth marks and have built up calluses. I can convince myself anyone has an ED if I analyze their behavior too carefully.

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