Eating Food = Binge Trigger???

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Eating Food = Binge Trigger???

Hello All,

I just finished breakfast, am comfortably satisfied, and now want to eat more. Just because I got some tasty food in my stomach. I think that oftentimes just eating a normal meal leads to a binge for me. It's like once I start, I get on a roll and can't stop. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips on avoiding it? Sometimes I can wait the 20-30 minutes for my body to realize it's not hungry, but not always. Obviously avoiding eating normal meals is not the answer. Hmmm....

~believing recovery is possible~

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I can totally relate. It's

I can totally relate. It's the same by me.
For me, it helps if i plan what to do after the meal.
Or find a ritual you do after every meal, like drink a tea, chew some gum,lay down for a few minuts, something like that.

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Totally, totally. I totally get this.

Sometimes after I eat a normal-sized meal and feel a bit full, I just want to keep going. It's like I want to keep the joy of eating going. I want to keep feeling the sensations and the tastes of food in my mouth and stomach.

What I try to do is have an after-eating game plan. I schedule my eating right before I have to do something. For example, I go into work at 4. So I eat a late lunch at 3:30, and I leave just enough time to finish a normal-sized meal. And then I scurry out the door. Within twenty or thirty minutes, the urges to binge and eat more are gone, and I just get concentrated on what I have to do!

If I don't have anywhere to go or anything that needs to be done, I get myself OUT of the house and go for a walk. Or, I'll drink a big glass of water, take a bath, or chew a piece of minty gum. But the best trick is to brush your teeth really well and then use some strong mouthwash!

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it makes me afraid to even start.

Das Leben ist Bunt

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It makes me afraid to start

It makes me afraid to start sometimes too. These are good ideas though. Plan something to do right after. Get away from the kitchen! I cook for one generally so I save my leftovers for lunch the next day. I don't know how many times I've eaten my lunch straight out of the tupperware right after I finish dinner. It's all over from there.

~believing recovery is possible~

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I do this too

I notice that I have to portion my meals out on a plate. This way I dont have an unlimited supply, which definitely leads to disaster!

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this is my hardest challenge, after a normal meal that's when I want to binge the most.

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me too

i feel like i'm not done eating until i can't possibly fit another bite into my body. like being satisfied just isn't enough. why is that? i recently started trying to do things after i eat, but when there's no one around to hold you accountable its hard. its not easy to hold yourself accountable for these actions even though that's what we all need to do. easier said than done. today i hd a really bad urge to eat all the leftovers in the fridge from yesterday's breakfast and dinner. instead i jumped on this website and started reading and writing. it helped.

Catherine Liberty
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I can relate so much!

But you can change this, Im living proof!!

Before I seriously decided to put 100% into my recovery I was just like this. I could not eat breakfast at all because it would set me off on a binge for the rest of the day! I knew as soon as I ate anything I was 99% likely to then go on to binge. Its such a horrible way to be.

But I think I was like this because my body knew that I would be restricting, that I would be purging everything I ate and so it made me go crazy for food once I'd started.

This time in recovery Ive really focused on the bingeing aspects of my behaviour, rather than the purging. Just trying to stop the purging has always lead to failure for me, where as this time fighting the binges has been so successful.

My first day of structured eating was so scary, I was terrified that after breakfast I would binge and purge, and I wanted to, you know how hard those cravings are! I would say that for the first five days of my structured eating I went through pure hell. I had to be concious of my actions all of the time, be aware of how I was eating my food, not eating too fast, evaluating my emotions. I had terrible mood swings and sometimes just sat there screaming to myself or crying (sounding like a proper nutter here). The intensity of emotions that I felt was overwhelming, but I kept the faith that things would slowly get better, and I promise you they so do! Im on day 24 now :)

So there is hope hunni, feeding your body is the only way to beat the desire to binge. You have to be so strong to fight it out in the beginning, and the fighting will go on, mine still is, but its managable once you get through that first phase.

You can do it lovely, make a plan and take on this demon! You deserve to be free x x

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I completely agree

with everything you said! i am going through recovery now in a group where a majority of people are aneorexic and they think that stopping the purging is more important but IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY! thank you so much for putting this out there it has really helped!

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you comment is so inspiring.

you comment is so inspiring. i just finished a super healthy lunch and i was reading through this but still looking at the fridge in the corner of my eye. it was having a person mental war (talk about nutter, lol) with myself until i came to your comment. now that urge is gone. i guess b/c realizing that im not the only one who does this type of stuff makes me feel... more at ease? like im not the only one that feels like their out of control, like they cant just stop at satisfied, they have to eat till they are sick. im bookmarking this :D

three little birds sat on my window, and told me i don't need to worry...

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Thankyou sooo much Catherine!

Before i admitted to myself or anyone that i was bulimic, i used to say to myself that sometimes i would make myself sick when i was stressed. I sometimes did it after a normal sized meal, a huge binge or sometimes after no food at all. I always thought that if i wasn't purging i was ok. I focused so much on not throwing up that it never even crossed my mind to think about preventing binges or looking at why it happens. It makes such sense to me what you are saying. No binge or erratic eating = no purge. I have to admit to myself that i am capable of binging no matter how ashamed it makes me feel, maybe then i can prevent it. Thank you for your comment. You should be so proud if yourself, i wish you continued strengh.x

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i just struggled with that

i just struggled with that exact thing, I ate lunch then started to snack, its so hard to stop!
I struggle so much internally with this, usually more so at dinner though.
I find having a cup of tea afterwards helps.
It's just so hard coz physically I guess I look fine, but inside I'm crumbling...

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Mess - up

I now refer to it as "I messed up"

It has finally occured to me thatr if I don't snack after dinner, then I'll do fine. But my problem is around 8 p.m. or so I want a small snack. So, I snack on maybe a bowl of cereal or pretzels. Then the thought crosses my mind that I shouldn't have eaten anything, so I decide that I already blew it. I then have to eat until I'm literally sick. I mean I have to run to the bathroom. I sit on the toilet and puke in the trash can at the same time

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i sometimes do that, i wake

i sometimes do that, i wake up, i am determined not to binge and make a great day, and if i eat breakfast someitmes and i dont have what i want or what i think is good for me, or i overeat just a bit i find myself binging and i do it all day long, and it's horrible...i sometimes end up purging4-5 times /day, i feel my teeth and throat numb.

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I know exactly what you mean.

That's what gets me:[

Slr + Acs

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i have been struggling for

i have been struggling for years with this. and most recently my binge and purge has gotten out of control. i have gained nearly 20lbs! i need help. i actually just threw up from a binge and decided to look online for help. after reading all the blogs it was nice to see that people feel the way i do and i am not crazy. i need help! i have done 11 months with binge/purge and that ended in the beginning of the year and now it is like i can not even go without a week. i feel so gross and now with 20 extra pounds.. fat

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I have the same problem!!!

I have the same problem!!! B/P has made me gain so much weight! But I can't stop. I don't know how. I have been through therapy and I wasn't honest with my therapist about how much I actually binge and purge because I was embarrassed and I didn't want my therapist to think poorly of me. And now therapy is over and I am still doing it. My parents think I stopped...but I am too good at hiding it. I had success with stopping over the summer but now with the added pressure of being skinny for Cross Country I have been doing it again. I feel gross and fat. And I just don't know what to do.

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so yesturday was a great day

so yesturday was a great day and today is going to be too. i was reading someone else's comments and they said something about telling themself every morning they would not binge and before they went to bed saying i did this i can do it again tomorrow. maybe not those exact words but it helped i just think i am not going to binge and keep telling myself. i hope this helps whoever reads this :)

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Congratulations! I did it too. I even had dinner out with my boyfriend last night which is really hard for me because he is a larger man and likes to eat, ALOT. He is wonderful in every way except for the food aspect and that he thinks about his next meal constantly, but we had a talk about that last night. More like an argument. I think alot of it was the frustration from wanting to purge what I ate, but stopping myself. But either way, I got through it and I am so pround of you and me. Today is day #2 and I ate a breakfast taco this morning that is making me feel extremely fat and like its in my throat, but I am not going to do it. My boyfriend is coming for lunch to bring me a sandwich, but if I am still full I will not eat it all. This is so insane that it is so difficult to kick this disease. Listen to me go on and on about food. I just wanted to tell you kudos and good luck on day two, we can do it! Last night I kept telling myself I am intelligent, I am strong and I am beautiful and of course, kept thinking about typing I DID IT! on the site in the morning and it really seemed to help. Now, I am going to think about typing I am a week b/p free! I know we can do it, keep up the faith in yourself.

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hey how was the rest of your

hey how was the rest of your day? mine was good! so i am guessing you told your boyfriend? i told mine it was weird but easy at the same time. i had to tell him since i was doing really bad and i was soo moody. thats one thing i hate is that it takes over my feelings. i get angry or sad and i do not want to do anything!

little shell
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i agree and can relate to all

i agree and can relate to all of you guys.

and seriously, it's not like we can just abstain from eating for the rest of our lives (and continue living anyway) like other people can do with different addictions.

it's so difficult. and sometimes i'm afraid to start eating too. sometimes i think to myself it's just safer to not begin at all. moderation is so hard sometimes.

but, i have to believe it's possible.

here's to a day of eating in moderation!

"you can call me crazy - but i think you're as crazy as white paint on the wall.."

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Action plan for after a meal

I definitely agree with the efficacy of having a 'gameplan' for after a meal (a planned one of course). As soon as you finish take your plate straight to the sink and wash it... then do something that takes 20 minutes (which is the time it takes for us to feel full). Here are some of my options:

-Chew gum whilst going for a walk around the block
-Jump in the shower and put some music on
-Take your car to the carwash!
-Set a cleaning job (wardrobe, bathroom, vacuuming)
-Set a study task (like five pages) and tackle it!
-Drink one of those bubbly mineral waters
-LIsten to a meditation cd

Plant the seed for the flower you'd like to see bloom

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whyy :(

i tried to be on the 3 days diet but it only made me binge like crazy, the first day was great and i didnt vomit but on the second day everything went down the drain, i ate so much, what triggered my hunger was a banana and milk juice, i threw that up but as soon as i got out the bathroom i was hungry again, i ate 2 chicken hamburguer, a slice of pizza, a huge brownie and orange juice, thew that up and ate a ham and cheese sanwish and cereal and milk, i decided to leave that on my stomach but felt fat for the rest of the day, i seriously need help, am throwin up about 3 times a day and am eating more than 2000 calories in every meal, and i realize i do it unconciously, am also spending so much money on food and am not in any position to be wasting money for food that doesnt even stay in my stomach, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON HOW TO STOPPPP

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Same here

I will eat a good, healthy, normal sized meal and it still triggers me to want to b/p. 1/2 hour later I still want to, and hour later, 2 hours- my stomach is full, but it still sends a hunger signal. Really, I literally feel hungry even though I'm full. And the smallest thing will set me off. I like something sweet after a meal, but one hershey's kiss will set me off. I just have to keep telling myself "one piece won't make me fat, don't eat a whole bag" and then keep myself busy.
I try to limit the amount of binge foods I keep in the house too, like anything isn't a binge food, really? But, the stuff I know I will not be able to resist eating and I know I won't keep down I leave at the store. I buy snacks for the family, but I try to get stuff I don't really like. It helps. There are times where I head to the kitchen because the urge is so strong, but I open the fridge and there isn't anything really worth eating (carbs, sugar). There's always some stuff that if I were already started I would plow into, but it's not worth starting one. It's not a huge accomplishment, the urge is still there, but it's progress:)

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This is my first step toward

This is my first step toward recovery. No one in my family knows what is going on. I have been stuggling with this for about 3 years now. I am sick of it. But, I can't help myself. The weirdest thing, I am more concerened over my teeth. I know there are a lot worse things, but for some reason I continue to think about my teeth.

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this is TOTALLY me too! I

this is TOTALLY me too! I MUST get away from the food after I eat or I will keep eating! I either have to MAKE myself stop halfway (not a good way to avoid binging) or I have to eat 'till I'm satisfied and then walk away and do something else, also I IMMEDIATELY pop a piece of sugar free gum into my mouth I may start sipping ice water afterwards as well... kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone?? hehe

- Rach <3

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