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ED and ADD

Anyone know or hear anything about a connection between the two? It seems when I take medication for it, I am less likely to bp. I have my own theories but am curious to know if anyone else finds a connection. Look forward to hearing your thoughts:)

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I'm not sure if it is

I'm not sure if it is necessary to have one to have the other, though I know in my old personal drug use of amphetamines (now sober a year) I didn't want to eat because amphetamines are a diet suppressant, as one would not feel like eating nor think about it as much.

Though, it may be an often enough case that people with bulimia have ADD because (bulimia affects different pathways than anorexia, in general, and bulimia has close ties to drug addiction) the brain is constantly shifting towards different thoughts/emotions at various levels of consciousness (and unconsciousness) that one has difficulty sustaining attention efficiently at a few or one task.
Like with me, for example, I pray every morning and night to be bulimia free, and pray for you guys and other addicts, just hoping that I can use the tools and support around me to get better. And there are times throughout my day I am like "I'll be okay, I dont need to eat now, or I feel panicky and I'll call someone or watever" but most times those thoughts don't even enter my mind atm of b/p.
Though, it may not be add whatsoever, it just may be me having a hard time making new associations.....
I used to worry ALOT about "who I was" and would diagnose myself with ADD, OCD, and this and that, though I think to get better (which I have, very slowly unfortunately) it is a spiritual process of acceptance and awareness, not a drug dance for the Pfizer and other drug "gods."

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I've come to think that my

I've come to think that my ADD has played a role in my ED because of how unfocused my mind tends to be -- (subconsciously) the way I dealt with it was with food, which kept me focused for the time being. I feel the actual eating was in the correlation more, as that has been a problem my whole life, however the not eating (when I dealt with ana) was also a way for me to stay focused- having such a large thing to focus my entire life around. Thanks for your thoughts!! Very insightful:)

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ADD and Bulimia

I went to an impatient eating disorder treatment center for bulimia and they diagnosed me with ADD and put me on Dexedrine- which is an amphetamine. Several years later, I read a study from a journal about the correlation of bulimia and ADD, and I cant remember exactly what it said, but I'm sure you can find it online.

The meds help me focus on the things I need to focus on other than the food, but as I come down at night time, I usually b and P, but if I didn't take the meds, I would be glued to the fridge and toilet.

I think that having the inability to focus on top of anxiety worsens bulimia.

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Oh Celina..

Oh, poor you.

I don`t mean to laugh but I know exactly how that feels. I remember getting off of ritilan, holy shit. My favorite places were DING!!! the supermarket and toilet. Forget the fridge, I treated it like a dump! I`m a little bit better with cleaning now, but honestly, oh poor you.

I really hate how doctors do put us on prescription pills. Short term-wise they`re great, but it`s still only a quick fix. I hate the drug, I so hate because I used to chase the dragon with each tablet. It was my cocaine.

I am measured by value, not by success!

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I too am currently coming off

I too am currently coming off of ritalin after 4 years. My bulimia has gotten worse and now want to go back on the medication. I think I discussed "ADD matters" with the doctor because I knew the medication helped me not binge. I plan to see a doctor this week and admit how I wanted to take the meds to prevent bulimic tendencies. I hope to discover if there is a correlation between the two

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I'm so on the verge of going back on Adderall, but scared for my life as it made me borderline psychotic. I do agree though that they certainly helped subside the binges. But as I tended to do- let the medication work it's appetite suppressing magic and then BP on the come down. I was on the med before I went to treatment though. Now having an area of focus (school) and the tools (recovery) maybe it'd be worthwhile. It's a really grey area, and I guess you just gotta ask yourself if you're being true to you and doing it for the right reasons.


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This has been one of the best

This has been one of the best threads I have read. I thought I was the only one to really have bulimia and "addiction" to ritalin/adderral and wanting to go back to the medication. For the past month, since I've been off it, I have b/p everyday...

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I researched some medical

I researched some medical journals last year. The clever doctor dudes were saying that one of the big signs of ADD is impulsivity. And one of the big signs of bulimia is impulsivity (ie binging):-) ! So the two things go together. Ritalin's helps because it reduces the impulsivity medically, so you binge less. It seems like if you have ED and ADD then the ED is worse, so we get double the challenge, and so i think that we can be doubly proud of our successes(lol)! I take ritalin, it's helped me alot. It's a serious medication which helps me manage a serious problem!

'I will not choose not to be'

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im going back on ritalin

im going back on ritalin tomorrow (prescription filled today). im curious to everyone who said they got off it and their bulimia was worse, why did you stop taking it? i dont remember why i stopped taking mine last year. i was in the midst of anorexia and don't remember much, so im not wracking my brain cause im not expecting to find the answer.
but unlike last time, when i refilled my prescription for the first time during my ana, it was to keep from eating.
this time im actually hoping it will help me focus enough to get some work done. i can't keep my mind straight these days for barely any time at all, its chaotic. and frankly i think ive waited too long to get my prescription back. i suffered a lot and barely graduated college.

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Hun I was recently diagnosed

Hun I was recently diagnosed with ADD too! But I haven't been put on any medication as of yet, does medication really help?

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas Edison

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i was diagnosed when i was

i was diagnosed when i was very young, and put on medication, it helped me accomplish so much in school. at the beginning of high school i decided i didnt want to take it anymore and begged my mom to let me go off of it, because i got a really big crash every day and it made me depressed and anxious. my third year into college i decided i wanted to try again, but with a different medication. i did so much worse in school for the rest of high school when i stopped taking it, and i didnt want to take that chance in college. i explained to my doctor how i remember "crashes" and he seemed to think that ritalin would be better (its not what i had when i was young.) it worked very well, i LOVED it, but during my anorexia i just couldnt handle it, it intensified all my behaviors. so i went off it, but now that its a few years later im looking forward to seeing how it works.
it really really helped though, its like the magic focus pill and, for me at least, not in a bad way. its not like a 'doing drugs' or speed feeling. just motivation in a pill. good luck with it if you decide to try it!

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as far as it helping with my

as far as it helping with my ED, it worked wonders, as it controlled my chaotic thoughts, decreased my appetite, and kept me busy all the time. but the second reason is why it was bad to take during my anorexia.

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I dunno

I was diagnosed with ADD about six months ago. I expressed a lot of issues that had gotten in the way of being my best...leaving out the whole fridge to toilet thing. After starting my meds, I went the longest binge-free since my disorder began. I think that may have been the appetite suppressant part of amphetamines, though. Currently, I find that my worst binge days are always the days when I forget to take my meds. If nothing else, knowing that I can't purge and keep down the adderall I took during my meal is motivation enough to avoid binging...for a few hours at least.
I think I'm going to get my prescription changed to something less harsh, though. Adderall makes me feel like an idiot. My personality is mostly internal, but it seems that taking the stuff makes me talk endlessly. Ugh so embarrassing.

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