The Effects Celebritys have on my brain... I didn't know it even affected me!

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The Effects Celebritys have on my brain... I didn't know it even affected me!

I went to a Girls Aloud concert on Sunday with my best friend and had an absolute blast... up until the last hour!
We had went out for a nice dinner before hand (which i purged unfortunately) then headed to the concert, it felt sooo good just to relax and have a great night out and not to have to worry about anything for a few hours, that was until my brain was overloaded with jealousy, anger, frustration and everything else that goes along with it.
I found myself going from a state of complete happiness, singing alone, dancing & smiling to a state of complete hatred for the members of girls aloud. What was worse is that I felt myself doing it which made me even sadder.
All I could look at was how 'perfect' their abs were, how skinny their legs were, how good their boobs were, how pretty their faces were and it just got me SO down.

does anyone understand this? or experienced this before?

vivien x

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Oh gosh, yes. I feel like a

Oh gosh, yes. I feel like a little child every time, but I just get so jealous. 'Why them, and not me? It's not fair!' It's another main reason for me why I avoid social gatherings..not only celebrities cause this feeling, basically every girl I see has something I'm jealous of. When I see a girl who has the body I've always wanted, I just get so upset! It's hard to push past that feeling, but I know it's useless to compare myself to others..I will never look like that. All I can do is compare me to me..I try every day to be better than I was yesterday..not just in appearance, but in mood, social skills...everything. One day, I hope to accept myself for who I am, but until then..I just look away.

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I completely understand this.

I completely understand this. I spent so long comparing myself to skinnier celebrities/friends/people on the street.
I used to think they knew about some 'secret diet' that I didn't, or that I should just keep restricting and trying to reach what they had 'reached.' I thought maybe if I tried just one more time, I would successfully restrict, and spent years in that mindset although I know now restricting never works.
I went to school for fashion, and worked with models and that took a toll on my body image as well...I am slowly realizing that it's WAY more important for me to maintain a slim weight (maybe not as skinny as I'd like) but that it is stable and healthy (no yo-yoing) and that I don't really binge anymore. EVER. That's what I need to accept - I'm still working on it!

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