Endless hunger.

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Endless hunger.

Does anyone else here feel like no matter how much they eat they never feel full? I am trying so hard not to let myself fall into the b/p cycle but continue to fail. I feel like my body can not regulate hunger/fullness signals. Does anyone else experience this? Does this ever go away?!?


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Hey :D You are exactly

Hey :D

You are exactly talking about me. I have just attended this site and I am trying to do the SE but God!! I dont really know why but even if I eat a way too much - but not lettting down the cross line of binging - I am sure of that I am eating all kind of foods and I havent been restricting food for months... I dont hear any voice from my stomache 'yes done, you are not hungry anymore''

This week I really tried SE... But every other day I binged then purged... I think my problem is that I dont know how to stop eating. When I crossed the line with my thinking, I relapsed... :(( Like you, I really need a suggestion for that... There was a line in the e-book which saying ''Pay attention to what you eat and eat slowly'' My sis told me this morning that I was eating fast. And I didnt listen Guide Eating while eating meals... Maybe I really am eating fast... I dont know...

I hope someone here can help both of us :))

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I have problems with the same

I have problems with the same things! I dont think I will ever feel full. I notice that when people around me stop eating and say they are full I am no where near full...this makes me feel horrible, I feel like I am so huge I need three times the food anyone else does! The thing is if I go by my hunger signals/intuition, which are required even in structured eating, I will be a whale in 2 months....I am really losing hope here!!!! :/

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For most people just starting

For most people just starting out, the hunger is due to long-term nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, and a temporary loss of ability of the body to register 'full'. It will return over time. It can also be a result of dehydration. I found it very, very helpful to drink 'emergen-c' (the packets of orange powder they sell for people who have colds) because it helped quench the deep thirst (lots of vitamins and electrolytes), which also helped with the hunger.

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Thank you, it seems like

Thank you, it seems like taking some supplements like vitamins and herbals will be help at this point.. :))

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