Entering month 6

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Entering month 6

5 complete months since joined the bulimia help method. So far, the most relevant issues:
1.- Personality: I´s like a funny, smart and happy woman is awakening inside me. Or that sparkling personality i used to have when i was a child is coming back. The best way i can express it is: i´m more me than ever. And it feels good.
2.- Craves: Still strong. What I do to cope with those hunger attacks is re read again and again the bulimia help book because it helps me to remember and to keep my atention on the fact that purging is pointless, that it is normal to feel those hunger attacks until my body rebalances and trusts again that it will be feeded.
3.- Weight fluctuations: still changing. Sometimes it stablishes for 2 weeks, then it changes from one day to another, remains 1 week, changes next two days... it is weird how it changes. What do I do? I accept it as a part of the recovery. I dont use scales, but I notice changes when using my clothes.
Here something really funny: Despite those fluctuations on my shape, i would say i have earned between 3 to 5 pounds from the begining of the recovery till now. But many people (like 8 or 10) have told me: "you lost weight". Hahahaha.
4.- Face: Since month 1 it started to unswollen and its been gradual, but over month 5 it really changed. My face look slimmer (maybe is because of this that people see me slimmer), my eyes bigger and not puffed, but clear and alive.
5.- Hair: A lot thiker and heavier. I dont´know where that hair come from.
6.- Challenges: everything is easier. Even when something wrong happens i can get over it very quick, it´s aesier to find solutions, to focus on what i want, on my dreams, on enjoying, etc. It´s easier to be happy and to take care of the people I love.

So, dear friends, let´s keep focus on our healing. We can succed. Recovery is possible. Just be patient, know it is possible and know you can do it. We are saving our own lives. We are saving the world :)


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this is like music to my

this is like music to my ears!!!! I can read it againg and again...it is so good to know that your life is improving so much and it gives me hope that same will happen to me (hopefully soon :-)). Keep it up girl! x


Catherine Liberty
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This is so wonderful to hear

This is so wonderful to hear and thank you so much for sharing such a positive and inspirational post!

I found the awakening of my personality to be just amazing too, and really quite unexpected. I don't think we ever quite realize just how much bulimia has taken away from us until we begin to recover. 

Also I had a very similar experience weight-wise, everyone started to comment that I was losing weight and some close friends even worried this meant I was relapsing back into my eating disorder, when in fact my weight had remained really consistent, I was just no longer bloated by bulimia!

And the hair thing yes! My hair used to be so think I had visible balding patches, but after 6 months and especially after a year I had so much thick healthy looking hair!

Congratulations on your recovery so far, this really was a pleasure to read :)


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This is so encouraging, thank

This is so encouraging, thank you for the post!

``It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good`` - Nina Simone

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Congrats and thank you so

Congrats and thank you so much for sharing! As Darthdawn this is so encouriging!

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Thankyou for posting this :)

Thankyou for posting this :) knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel makes me feel so much better!
And congratulations....you are amazing.
Please keep us updated


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