Evening Meal Plans? What do you all have?

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Evening Meal Plans? What do you all have?

Does anyone have any good ideas for evening meals? ones that will keep me full through the night and not give me a binge urge at breakfast? I have a problem with nighttime binges. Either half asleep or when I innocently go to make breakfast. Its an awful time to binge as it sets me up for a hard day. Im looking for meal plans that are healthy but will keep me full. I always avoid carbs witch is obviously not the key to Bulimia recovery! I have a fear of weight gain if I eat in the evenings but this cant really be true. Any meal plans of what is working for you before bed would be much appreciated. xxx


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Try good carbs...Sweet

Try good carbs...Sweet potato, brown pasta/rice, Quinoa, Couscous, Brown Pitta Bread - Lack of carbs could be the answer to all of your binges. They always say any diet which cuts out entire food groups is NOT a healthy diet.
So have a good carb, even a small portion if your afraid to begin with, then have a bit of meat or fish, then fill up on salad or veg.
You could make stir frys, all in one pot dishes, roast type dinners.
A personal favourite of mine is a home made style Kebab! Whatever meat/Fish you fancy, Put it on the grill or oven. Then have a wholemeal pitta, Then have roasted peppers, tomatoes, onions and then shove it all in this pitta and pour over whatever sauce/dressing you like! I cover mine with mustard and a little ketchup or maybe some coleslaw. Its so healthy, yet feels like your having a treat meal and its really filling especially s I fill up with loads of veg and salad. Since recovery I always have desert. Even if its just a yogurt or some fruit etc.
If you stay up later in the evenings than me then have a cup of tea and a light snack in the evening.
I swear if anything, you will have a decent night sleep at least and will wake up hungry for breakfast but no more.

You can only try it sweetheart, this has been your problem area for a while now and you need to have trust and faith in the advice of others, scary as it may seem. I'll need to come visit you in Bristol and cook for you one day! haha xxxx

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Cheers Angel! I am going

Cheers Angel! I am going shopping this week and will buy some of these things, I love the healthy kebab idea def going to get pitta. Since eating in the evenings (a propper meal) I haven't actually binged. Its like taking a leap of faith but why should dinner make me fat! its just normal after all :) xxx


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Whole wheat pasta with Pork

Whole wheat pasta with Pork sirloin and spinach sauce.

However I think the most important thing to do is make sure you are eating somethign you enjoy, so you feel satisfied. Make sure it's full of nutrients, so real food not junk, but that you take pleasure in eating, then the chances of feeling satisfied later on are bigger.

You could even pre-plan a night-snack or early mornign pre-breakfast snack, that you've made or decided ahead of plan and know it will be good for you.

All the best. xoxoxo

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