Faith and Recovery--Supporting Each Other

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Faith and Recovery--Supporting Each Other

I have a relationship with Christ and that is a really big part of my recovery. Trusting and believing in Him that He will give me the strength to be well. Are there any other followers that would like to be a support to each other and share inspiration along the way?

to thine own self be true

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Yes. My faith in Jesus had

Yes. My faith in Jesus had been my backbone. It is encouraging to know that someone else has a similar spiritual belief.

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I am very aware of my

I am very aware of my relationship to God. I talk to him day and night and its definitely the most important in my recovery and life in general.


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Growing spiritually has been

Growing spiritually has been key for me in my recovery. I do ask for the qualities of Jesus to fill my thoughts and actions, and I keep my relationship with God #1 in my life.

This is what has kept me strong in my recovery since June 2008.

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I feel I drifted from God for

I feel I drifted from God for a while but I recently found my faith again at a really low point and it's what's been getting me through. So in a way I'm quite glad I got to such a low point because that's what it took to make me turn to God again :-) Can anyone recommend any motivating bible verses??


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Yes I am definitely seeking

Yes I am definitely seeking the Lord's help and love in my recovery. I know that bulimia has stunted my spiritual growth and distances me from God. I do believe He wants me/us to be happy and I pray every day I can feel His love, mercy and grace to help me in recovery. I would love to share more thoughts and verses abou this topic!


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I think so often as

I think so often as Christians we feel God is made or angry at us for hurting ourselves and falling into the trap of an ED. God isn't mad at us though. He is our true Father, and He wants what is best for His children. We owe it to Him to claim our freedom and defeat this! He wants to help us on this journey.We don't have to do it alone. All of our struggle are to bring us closer to Him and show us that we can't do it alone. If we could we would already be recovered..

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