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Family and Friends

My family arre supportive but they dont know how to deal with my problem. My dad is in denial. My mum gets so upset for me and constantly shouts at me. She is also always on my back about my weight as I have put on XX.

They think I should just eat properly, and eat less (ie not binge)- like I havent tried that!!! At the moment we had a big fight as I feel as though they dont think Im trying.

They had a pep talk with me on sunday- but on Monday when back at work I binged!!! On the phone my parents were so angry and my dad called me a fat bitch. I feel horrible. today I just ate constantly. Help me! I am such a moaning mini at the moment but xant shake it off x x


Getting better bite by bite x x

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Oh no Sunny, I can't believe

Oh no Sunny, I can't believe your dad called you that, thats really not nice and is in no way going to make you recover in a flash is it :-(
I guess its hard when people don't realise understand the disease and they just think you can turn it off and go back to 'normal'. At least you had the confidence to confirde in your parents (I haven't told anyone and know I never will) so its just a real shame they can't be a bit more helpful and supportive. Perhaps there is someone else, like an aunt or a friend that you can talk to about it, who you know will understand you a bit more?
Good luck, and try to cheer up, try not to take what your mum and dad say or do to heart - its just because they love you!

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Hey.. Big hug to you! I find

Hey.. Big hug to you!
I find this part so painful. That the families of many of us here simply do not understand bulimia and so end up saying ignorant things that are so hurtful.
I always had my mother saying, "don't eat so much, then you won't have to bring it back up again". I mother began serving me much much smaller portions, as if making me feel deprived and hungry was going to help!! And whenever I ate 'a lot' or 'very often', I'd always get, "are you going to puke that up again?". And now that I've gained weight, she believes everything is fine, even when my b/p frequency hadn't really changed at all. All these things made me so so angry.
I still feel so pissed just thinking about all the stupid comments, off my mother, my dad, my boyfriend.. who didn't know a goddamn thing about bulimia yet had the arrogance to think they knew how to beat this. Like you said, as if I havn't tried to eat more normal portions and all that! As if I'm some brainless, weak, greedy, self-sympathizing PIG!
So firstly I say to them (in my head of course!) a very very very big FUCK YOU. Then I try to realise that they simply don't understand, are very confused and upset and don't know how to deal with that or how they can help. And thirdly, I absorb myself in this site, that knows the right path and the truth of bulimia..they're the only ones we need to listen to. And most importantly, I listen to myself, try to believe in myself and MY recovery and do what I feel is best for ME. (And I might just add in another little F**k you after that.. haha! )
Keep strong on the right path, we're all in this together..and remember that nobody has the right to judge you or tell you what's best for you, except YOU! X

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