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Lately Ive been putting a lot of crap into my body, sometimes purging and other times not.
I was thinking of doing a 1-day detox where I only drink water to get back on track and feel good again.
Problem is, I fear it may trigger a binge
I honestly want to recover more than ever and the last thing I would want to do is binge, but Im also SO desperate to get back on track with healthy eating.

Anyone tried this with success? Failures? Advice?
I dont want to get myself into serious trouble, so any thoughts are appreciated!

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don't just drink water.

don't just drink water. that's not enough. for me it would be too risky. you could try and eat all organic and fresh foods. lots of salads and fresh veg. nothing processed. brown rice, etc. detox is not all about eating nothing. and anyway detox is a modern idea. it's totally unnecessary really...

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dont fast or detox, whatever

dont fast or detox, whatever you do!
That is exactly what got me into this mess, I was obsessed with fasting and detox and juice fasting and cleanses. I was always on a fast or cleanse or water fast.

Eat healthy, lots of fruit and vegetables. If you want to do a one day cleanse, eat unlimited fruit and veg whenever you are hungry.
Your body doesnt trust it will get food whenever it is hungry so If you allow yourself to fast, yes, you might cleanse or loose weight, but you will mess up after, Believe me.
none of my fasts ever ended right,
Food is a neccesity for life, just make the decision to make better choices!

Emmie Louise
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ok that guy above seriously

ok that guy above seriously likes his clothes.. anyhow...



Anybody suffering from bulimia- no matter what stage- can NEVER ever EVER go on a 'diet'!!

No matter how far along in recovery you are you just CANNOT diet!! Or 'reset' or to 'cleanse' or whatever you want to call it.

No no no!!

It's like an alcoholic having just 'one drink'- skipping a meal for someone with an eating disorder IS NOT OK. Because it's not done in the same mindset for someone who skips a meal without an ED.

Just remember- eating IS NOT OPTIONAL. You have to eat. No ifs, no buts, no detoxes, no diets.

Anything else is just kidding yourself about your recovery. We have to eat minimum 3 meals a day at regular intervals.

If you are feeling sluggish- try what one of the other's above suggested about putting more fruit and vegies into your diet and maybe some more water. You will not get fat or put on weight with fresh foods.

Sorry to be so vocal about this- but DIETS AND BULIMIA don't mix. It's just another part of the cycle.

Keep your eyes on the goal of healthy, regular eating. It's the only way xxxx

*****In hard times she had learned... she was stronger than she ever imagined, God was closer than she ever realised and she was loved more than she could ever know*****

Coach Jen
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To Emma Louise: Ditto!

To Emma Louise: Ditto! Bulimia is just an out of control diet- give it up! Don't fast, don't diet, don't restrict.. that's the OPPOSITE of recovery!
It will just pull you back into the cycle!
Best of luck and please stay strong!

Coach Jen
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AAANd that guy above is a spammer! How do we report that and get it off here?

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I totally agree with everyone

I totally agree with everyone ... This past week I ate a lot of crap and gained a lot of weight this month. So I though for every morning I'll just fast and cleanse and then restate my recovery. The day just ended with a total binge worse than ever. Fasting and bulimia do not mix at all. Going on a earth Only "diet" is much healthier and natural than us starving ourselves.

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