feeling full?

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feeling full?

I have been binge/purge free for the past 4 weeks :)I have some questions to answer in your own opinion...
I believe i connect fullness with weight gain. I begin to panic whenever i feel satisfied after a meal with my family. Since i have been eating regularly i have begun to actually loose weight. But whenever i feel full i feel as if i am a million pounds heavier. whatfeeling, objects, memories, occourance do you connect with the feeling of fullness after eating a proper meal?
I am not sure if this all makes sense to read but i just feel panicky whenever i consume a proper meal :(

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proper meal makes me feel...

bad about myself.
not that I think bad stuff about my family etc but,
when I see them eating 'proper' meals I think,
how can they eat that and not end up gaining weight?
In-fact, how can they eat that, plus a generous helping of dessert and maintain their weight??

For me, if I eat with them eating the same dinner, then I have to eat less than them in order to feel ok.
If I eat more than the others then I immediately feel I've eaten too much. If I eat less then I take it as some consolation. As in, even though I've eaten (and probably not all healthy stuff), I haven't had too much so I'm ok.
It's kind of a silly measure of 'ok-ness' when eating proper meals, but it helps me avoid that paniky feeling

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I think I still associate

I think I still associate feeling full with weight gain. I always find that same niggling feeling of guilt creep into my head, feeling full was always a trigger for me to b/p, like, I've already eaten too much, may as well satisfy my cravings.

The only thing thats helped me get past that urge to b/p is to remind myself that the feeling won't last forever, I talk with family and friends to distract me until the feeling passes. Eating more smaller meals and snacks also helps me get through it.

I can completly relate to what too_much said about compairing what I eat to others, usually I just try to prepair my own meals, until I feel strong enough to push the feelings of guilt and comparison out, I've found this to be the best way to avoid compairing what I eat to what others eat.

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