Feeling full faster than I used to three months ago

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Feeling full faster than I used to three months ago

Hey everyone!
I've started to feel full before I eat my whole morning oatmeal. I've been eating every three hours for three months now. Am I now ready to challenge intuitively. I don't even mean too but as soon as I've eaten enough I stop but now wondering if Im not eating 2000 calories
Anyone else feel this way

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Actually I could use some

Actually I could use some help in this area too...I have started to notice getting fuller before I finish my planned meals and snacks (im at 5 months b/p free) And I usually eat my snacks just for the sake of it when im not even hungry for it. Because now I have a fear that if I go too long without eating my body will have an urge. Also im getting fuller quicker and on less but I have the same fear. If I don't eat my RDA of Cals im scared my body will go back to urges so a lot of the time im ending up overly full....but yet I cant cut down because of the fear of the urge returning.

Only thing I can think of is try eating higher calorie content foods so I can eat slightly less but still keep my intake where it needs to be. So I guess I have answered my own question here. Incorporate different foods into my diet instead of always going for the safe lower calorie options which is fine in the beginning as I used to never feel full therefore could eat huge quantities of salad etc. But now im learning to recognise fullness signals it may be time to approach the more unsafe foods to me in order to keep my body adequately nourished but leave my feeling comfortable rather than full.

Challenge accepted!!!!

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