First week, NO B/P, feel great

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First week, NO B/P, feel great

This is the first week of recovery. I am so surprised that I not only didn't binge or purge, but also seldom have the urge to do so. The Bulimia help method really helps me a lot. And today I ordered fried chicken dish, felt it the most delicious food in the world, and ate only half of it because I was full at that time. I even didn't want to finish the leftovers simply because my stomach wants fruit and vegetable for dinner. My friends offered me some energy bars, which I thought were unhealthy, and always kept away from it. This time, I just feel that's a good snack for my next day, so that I dont have to prepare too much, and it is energy condense, easy to eliminate the hungry. I believe I can continue it, another week, another month, year, and finally fully recovery for the whole life!






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