Flabby flabby flabby!

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Flabby flabby flabby!

I don't know if anyone else feels like this, but during my really bad b/p periods I feel so flabby! I don't just mean that I feel like I look flabby, but I actually feel "looser" somehow, as if my skin is jiggly. Its the strangest thing. And the worst part is that I am sure other people can see it.
I hadn't b/p'd in a while, and I am noticing more and more how stress related it is. I am moving soon (my husband is in the military and he is finally back from an out-of-country exercise) so me and my daugher have been staying with family and will be going back home finally. I have found the entire trip pretty stressful... I thought it would be easier staying with family but I have had to give up the control of buying groceries and planning meals and I am finding I have really struggled with that. I am also feeling very overwhelmed about making the long drive and all the un-packing (on top of that, I have 2 university courses on the go, so I have exams and end-of-semester papers due!)
I find that when these times get really tough, I begin to get the "flabby" feeling I was talking about before. Sometimes a good few sessions of weight-training helps -- I feel tighter and I am able to deal with the stress. But sometimes it doesn't, and I end up b/ping. And then I feel even flabbier.

Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Do you have any coping tips? I so desperately want this to go away! I would just like any advice on how to cope with this in a healthy and constructive way!







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