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Focus on stopping the binges

Ok... Let's see if I can make sense of this. I'm getting to the point where I'm tuning in to my body's cues a little better and am trying to make a go of the intuitive eating. I'm not free of the purges, and not entirely free of the binges, but I've done a lot better after structured eating... I just found I was still eating too much (to the point of discomfort), I think because I was more focused on external cues like nutritional content, x grams of protein, or preplanned portion sizes, etc, so I'd eat what I'd planned to eat, even if I wasn't really that hungry. My last purge incidents weren't really associated with a binge - I ate a little too much or ate something that didn't sit right and wound up bringing it up. But both times I was able to avoid driving to the store for a carton of ice cream once I knew it was going to happen. What I'm feeling is that being able to dissociate the purge from the binge makes me feel a lot less crazy (and I didn't have to deal with a horrendous binge hangover). At this point I feel I can forgive a purge more than a binge - I find I'm purging if I do something wrong on accident, a quick oops and it's over, instead of throwing my hands in the air and making a night out a b/p session and purging hours later.

I know the program says to stop the purging first, and I agree that it is essential for getting the chaos to stop. In trying to get the relapses to subside, however, it seems like unlearning the binging is more effective than fighting the purging... if I can learn to stop binging the purges will fall away on their own. (I never really felt the need to purge after a meal that left me feeling good, though I know that's a concern for some and definitely something to be careful to watch out for.)

Is there anyone else out there in this kind of a place?


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Hi... I have not been on this

Hi... I have not been on this site for to long but most of that time has been B/P free.
I stick to the structured eating as even though intuitive eating is used a bit I know with my relationship with food I could not trust myself yet with intuitive eating. I also try to make sure I have protein fats and carbs. For example today I was not too hungry for my morning snack and I was in a position where I had to eat discreetly so I had a peach... No good I was soooo hungry by lunch that a small wrap with salad cheese would have been much better.
Also eating slowly, sitting down to eat your meal and chewing each mouthful - something that is a major challenge for me- helps me to know if i am eating too much because i can feel if I am getting to full. I try and estimate what is the right amount based on what my partner eats. As he is not an exceptionally big eater.

Hope this helps. I realise we have each tackle this in our own way but it sounds to me u have just discovered another way to B/P that is different to your old way.
Good luck and I hope u find peace from food x


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I had the same thought

I had the same thought running through my head when I was writing it out, but it feels like I could sneak out the door on b/ps if I can just get away from the binges... Sitting down for a meal happens very seldom for me. I'm a restaurant manager, so most of my food is eaten cold and quickly (I imagine you know what I mean Bernie). I usually do fine when I'm at work, since I'm always distracted, but when I get home and I'm exhausted or I have a day off and feel overwhelmed I have to try to build in that structure without having much time to practice it. It's not impossible, though. Congrats on the b/p free streak. We've got to take every moment of peace and run with it, right? :) Thanks for being candid... back to the drawing board.


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